Matthias der Licht (25) has returned to team training

Matthias der Licht (25) has returned to team training. It’s looking increasingly likely that Kim Min-Jae (28, Bayern Munich) won’t be given a second chance.

Bayern Munich announced on the club’s official social media on Friday that center back Matthias der Licht had returned to team training.

On the same day, German publication Bild also reported that Der Licht had returned to training, stating, “We hope that Der Licht and Jamal Musalla will be available for the match against Real Madrid.”

According to Bavarian Football, Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel (51) commented on the situation. Tuchel said: “Der Licht trained individually in Munich on Friday (local time) and will join the team tomorrow (6th). We’ll see if he’s fit enough for the second leg against Real Madrid,” Tuchel said of Der Licht’s status.

Kim Min-jae, who has started back-to-back games, will likely return to the bench.

Kim started the 2023-2024 Bundesliga round 32 match against VfB Stuttgart on April 4. It was his second consecutive start, 안전놀이터 following the matchup between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid on Jan. 1.

The first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinals against Real Madrid was a nightmare for Kim Min-jae. In his first ever Champions League semifinal, he conceded twice. The team could have won the game, but they had to settle for a 2-2 draw.

After the game, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said, “Kim Min-Jae was greedy in two situations. In the first one, he moved too early and missed Toni Kroos’ pass. He was overly aggressive,” he said, singling out Kim Min-jae.

Tuchel continued, “In the second goal, we made another mistake. The numbers were 5-2 in defense and offense, and we had enough defense. We didn’t need to block Hodriguez so much. As Dyer approached to help, Minjae Kim tripped Hodriguez. Unfortunately, we were punished for that mistake. These things happen in soccer. You have to shake it off and move on.”

Immediately after the game against Real Madrid, Bild gave Kim the lowest rating of 6, even using the word ‘disaster’.

Spox and Sport also gave Kim a 5.5 rating, while TZ gave him a 5.

Kim Min-jae knows his mistakes better than anyone, and he couldn’t hold his head high after the match. According to T-Online, he apologized in Korean as he left the mix zone without giving an interview.

Tuchel changed his demeanor after the criticism and ridicule directed at Kim Min-jae. Speaking at a press conference before the Stuttgart game on April 4, Tuchel said, “We already spoke at halftime and after the game. The situation was clear. There are many ways to defend other than aggressively trying to take the ball away, sometimes you can be passive,” he said, referring back to Kim Min-jae’s goal.

“Kim Min-jae is a player who wants to defend in a very aggressive way,” he said, “and that’s how he shows himself. “That’s how he shows himself, and that’s why I learned my lesson twice. Mistakes are good motivation. It’s easy to keep cheering him on.”

Tuchel added: “Kim Min-Jae had his best game against Manchester United, and he had a good time against Arsenal. He trained well. He will continue to have our absolute support.”

Tuchel’s change of attitude has led fans to ask: “With Der Licht out injured, is he rushing Kim Min-jae into the side against Stuttgart?”

Minjae Kim and Eric Dyer started against Stuttgart, and the result was a 1-3 loss.

After the game, Bild released the ratings of both players. Kim Min-jae was given five points, the same as Alfonso Davis, who lost an aerial contest to Jung Woo-young and directly set up the final goal.

Kim Min-jae, who played the full match, had a 92% passing success rate (54/59), two successful mid-to-long-range passes, 100% tackles, and 100% aerial contest wins in the match. However, Stuttgart scored three goals as they were able to effectively dominate Munich’s defense.

Der Licht returned to team training while Kim Min-Jae struggled. If he is fit enough to play, he could start in place of Kim Min-jae against Real Madrid. And Der Licht is back on the training field.

After playing the full matchday squad in the first half of the tournament, which was controversial, Kim Min-jae’s struggles returned. 바카라사이트 추천 After one of his worst performances against Real Madrid, Kim will likely start the second leg from the bench.

One possibility is a head injury to his recent partner, Eric Dier. Dyer only lasted 45 minutes in the first half against Stuttgart before being substituted. According to Bavarian Football, Dyer felt a bad feeling in his thigh before the game, and during the game, his head was bleeding. A concussion is also suspected.

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