West Ham fans in the EPL are in a “collective meltdown”

West Ham fans in the English Premier League are in a “collective meltdown”.

This is due to their disappointment with the club’s new manager, who has been appointed to replace David Moyes. They feel that the new manager is a downgrade, not an upgrade, due to his poor performances at his previous club. The disappointment with former Wolverhampton boss Julen Lopetegui isn’t usually a big one. There’s also a feeling of self-doubt about being a West Ham supporter.

The Daily Star, a British media outlet, reported on the 6th (KST) that ‘West Ham have agreed a deal with the next manager to succeed Moyes, but fans are criticizing the club for downgrading, saying they have chosen a worse manager.

Prior to this, local media outlets, including the BBC, reported the news of West Ham’s new manager. “West Ham have decided to hand the reins to Lopetegui next season,” they reported. Fabrizio Romano, a journalist familiar with the European transfer market, 카지노사이트 also tweeted on social media that day, “Lopetegui has agreed to become West Ham’s new manager from next season. The contract will be signed once the details are finalized.

As such, Lopetegui’s appointment to West Ham is a done deal.

The Hammers decided to bring in Lopetegui instead of re-signing Moyes, whose contract expires at the end of the season. Moyes led the Hammers to the top of the EPL and won the Europa League in the 2022-2023 season. Thanks to him, West Ham won their first title in 43 years.

However, his tactics were criticized for being simplistic and not utilizing his players well, and eventually, the Hammers chose to say goodbye to Moyes.

The problem is that Lopetegui, the coach that West Ham decided to keep, hasn”t done as well as Moyes. For this reason, fans are against Lopetegui’s appointment. ‘Lopetegui became Wolverhampton manager in November 2022 and led the club to stay up,’ says the Daily Star. However, he only won 37% of the games and finished 13th in the table. Fans are pointing to this record. Moyes has a 44.54% winning percentage at West Ham, and the Hammers are still ninth in the league.

As a result,

Instead of re-signing a manager with better stats, the Hammers opted to bring in a manager with worse results. Of course, Lopetegui has managed big clubs like Real Madrid and even won the Europa League in the 2019-2020 season when he was in charge of Sevilla in Spain. But that’s all in the past. Lately, they’ve been struggling.

Fans are reacting with strong language. “Going from Moyes to Lopetegui is the biggest downgrade in the history of football. It’s a disrespect to Moyes,” said one fan. “Are they getting rid of Moyes to get relegated?” asked another. Another fan strongly criticized the decision, 메이저 토토사이트 saying, “West Ham have spent double the budget and replaced the third most successful manager in the club’s history with a manager who is worse than Gary O’Neill at Wolverhampton.”

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