Son Heung-min “My heart leaps at the words of the coach…I will give him my all”

Son Heung-min, who has been enjoying success this season after switching positions, has praised new head coach Enze Postecoglou.
In an interview with Tottenham’s official website, he praised Postecoglou, especially for the way he communicates in the locker room.
“It’s been a fantastic journey for him and for us so far,” Son said, “the way he talks in the pre-match team meeting is unbelievable.”
“I feel like my heart is beating and I feel like I want to go out there and give my all for him and this club,” he added.
Under Postecoglou, Spurs have eight wins and two draws from 10 games this season, second in the table behind Manchester City, who have played one more game.

Arsenal’s 0-1 loss to Newcastle United in round 11 left Spurs as the only unbeaten team in the Premier League.
In the middle of the pack, Son Heung-min is a key force. Postecoglou opted to go with Son, who has played primarily as a flanker, instead of bringing in an outside attacker to fill the frontline spot left by Harry Kane.

Heung-min has scored eight goals in 10 games and has been at the forefront of Tottenham’s rise.
Postecoglou was also known for his passionate locker room conversations during his time with the Yokohama Mariners, Australia, and Celtic.

He’s doing the same at Tottenham, and it’s working to keep the Spurs players’ spirits up.
Vice-captain James Maddison also praised Postecoglou’s locker room talks.

“Postecoglou came at us at halftime in a preseason game against Shakhtar.

We were up 1-0 and had stopped pressing.

He said, ‘This is the way Tottenham played in the past under previous managers and it cost us,’ and he said, ‘We have to keep pushing forward and never sit still,'” he recalled.
“Postecoglou is a really good motivational speaker,” he continued, “When he talks to the players, it’s almost like an alpha-mail.

When he speaks, everyone is listening.

You can’t even blink.” “He uses things from real life to compare to soccer.

If you haven’t heard any of his speeches, it’s hard to explain. 카지노사이트가이드

He relates it to life and family, and when you hear it, it makes you want to play for him.

He has a natural talent (for public speaking).”
“Postecoglu is the type of coach who is always looking for ways to improve, and his approach to every game and style of play is perfect for our players.

We have a clear understanding of what he wants from us.

This is important for the team and I think he is doing a fantastic job.”
Speaking after the match against Crystal Palace in the 10th round, Postecoglou said: “I’m enjoying every day.

I want the players to do the same. It’s not because we are first in the league, it’s because we are living the dream.

We are playing in a fantastic team.

We are doing what we love, and now we have to show respect for the responsibility that has been given to us.

What matters to me is that we are giving our fans joy, faith and hope.

That’s why soccer teams exist.

We have to be focused to continue to do that.”

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