Ryu Hyun-jin gets first quality start of his career, shines in loss

Ryu Hyun-jin has achieved his first quality start of his career, showcasing his skills even in a loss.

Ryu pitched well through three innings, not allowing a single hit.

But in the fourth inning, the Texas offense took advantage of his early pitches.

Ryu gave up a fastball to leadoff hitter Corey Seager.

He was then hit by a fastball to Grossman, the number three hitter, and allowed a two-run homer.

Despite being hit by a home run for the fourth straight game, Ryu wasn’t rattled.

The highlight came on the next at-bat, when he struck out the side with a 101-mph curveball with one out.

The bewildered look on the batter’s face prompted MLB.com to write that Ryu had the batter completely frozen.

When he saw Grossman again in the sixth inning after giving up the home run, he was flustered.

He got a strikeout with a changeup at the top of the strike zone.

He gave up one more run after that, but it was three runs in six innings against Texas, which leads the American League in team batting average.

It was his first quality start in eight games since returning from injury.

However, Toronto lost 6-3 and Ryu took the loss.

[Schneider/Toronto manager: “When a starting pitcher goes seven or eight innings, that’s great. I know that’s what Ryu has been trying to do when he came back. I think he’ll be able to throw more than he did today.”]

Scherzer, who started the game, took a no-hitter into the sixth inning with one out before feeling ill.

With today’s loss, 온라인카지노 Toronto dropped to second place to Texas in the wild card race.

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