Pick up the KBO Ball and go Home A Big Leaguer who Hasn’t Forgotten Korea

NC’s new foreign pitcher, Tanner Tully, 29, first got his hands on the KBO League in the U.S. before coming to South Korea.

Pitcher Drew Luczynski (35, Oakland Athletics)

who returned to Major League Baseball in the United States this year from NC

delivered the ball directly to Tanner. 지울프-토토

Luczynski and Tanner are alumni of Ohio State University in the United States and are “neighborhood acquaintances” who live in the same area.

He also belongs to a baseball player group of 8~9 people and trains together in the offseason.

Upon hearing the news of Tanner’s departure to Korea, Luczynski sold his own products.

He visited Tanner’s house and delivered the KBO official to help him adjust in advance.

Tanner said

As soon as I heard that I was going to Korea

Luczynski came to my house with a ball.

I even played catch with that ball

he laughed

before adding

Luczynski told me to enjoy life in Korea more than baseball.

I told him that if he enjoys living in Korea

the fans will like him and the results will be good.

Luczynski is considered the best pitcher in club history for his role in NC’s inaugural championship in 2020.

He spent 2019 years in NC from 2022~4 and played in 121 career games (732/53 innings) with a 36-3 record

06.657 ERA and 4 strikeouts.

For the fourth consecutive year

he threw more than 177 innings consistently

showing his innings digestibility.

After last year’s season

he made a major league U-turn

signing with Oakland for $1 million in one-year guarantees and a two-year

maximum $300 million deal with a club option for next year.


he injured his left hamstring before the season and started on the injured list

and after returning to the major leagues in late April

he struggled badly with four losses and a 4.4 ERA in four games (18 innings) without a win.

After that

he was sidelined again due to gastritis

and last month he underwent back surgery and was out for the season as it was.

Luczynski It’s a very difficult time for me personally

but when I heard that Tanner was going to the KBO League

not to another team

but to my parents’ NC

I personally sold my feet and delivered the ball.


who made his KBO League debut against Hanwha in Changwon on the 4th

did not record a win or loss with six hits (two home runs) in six innings

four strikeouts

and three runs

but he had a good start with a quality start.

He hit two home runs to Noh Si-hwan in the first inning and Nick Williams in the sixth

but as he was known

his pitch was stable.

Even without his fiery fastball

he was efficient in stopping six innings in 9 balls.

Tanner said

I was happy to be in the game for the first time in a long time.

It was also good that a lot of fans came to the ballpark

he said


It’s new during the season

but it’s the same baseball.

It takes time to adjust to the time difference and the ball population

but as I played, I got used to the ball in my hands.

From the third inning onwards

my slider movement got better and better

he said

reflecting on his debut.

His slider

which curved wide to the outside of the left-handed hitter

looked like a trendy sweeper these days.

Tanner said

It has a lot of lateral movement

so it looks like a sweeper

but I don’t think it’s that much.

I guess you could call it a slider.”

There was a three-week hiatus since the last climb in the United States

so I’m still not 3% fit.

The debut straight-ball restraint peaked at 100 kilometers and averaged 144 kilometers

which was lower than when he was in the United States. NC coach Kang Won-won said

He showed the stable innings we expected

but both the maximum restraint and the average restraint were down by about 140km.

Since it is the first climb

it is seen as a physical condition problem.

The RPM (revolutions per minute) was slightly higher than in the United States.

I think he will find his restraint in the game.”

Tanner also said

I hadn’t pitched in three weeks

so I went into the concept of live pitching (for the first game).

If you keep building your body

your restraint will improve.

In the U.S.

fastball restraints traveled 2~3 miles (88.91 km~141.6 km).

My goal is to pitch as many innings as possible as a starter and help the team win.

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