Professional Baseball Park Dong-Won Reversal Man Lupo LG Grabs Samsung to Take First Place

LG beat Samsung in front of Park Dong-won’s comeback Man Lupo to take first place.

KIA starter Lee Eui-ri earned the win with a one-run homer in the sixth inning to reach the 1-win plateau for the second consecutive year.

◆ Jamsil KT vs Doosan – Umsang Baek 6 scoreless innings… KT beats Doosan 5-2

KT won 16-5 in an away game against Doosan of the KBO League at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 2th. 먹튀검증사이트

Third-place KT

which has won four consecutive games, has 4 wins

3 draws, and 55 losses.

Fifth-place Doosan

which has lost four consecutive games

has reduced the gap to sixth-place KIA to 2.45 games.

KT starter Eom Sang-baek pitched six scoreless innings with three hits

two walks

and seven strikeouts to earn his seventh win of the season.

Doosan starter Kim Dong-joo took his fifth loss of the season with three hits (one home run)

two walks

three strikeouts and four runs in six innings.

KT scored four runs in the second inning to win the game.

In the top of the second

Yoon-seok Oh singled and connected on a single to steal second base.

With runners on second and third base

Kim Sang-so hit a two-RBI single to right field to make it 2-0.

Then, in the top of the second

Jeon Jung-dae hit Kim Dong-joo’s third direct ball and hit a two-run shot (his first of the season) over the left-field fence to make it 4-0.

◆ Busan SSG vs Lotte – Jeon Joon-woo reverses three-run four… Lotte defeated SSG 7-4

Lotte defeated SSG 7-4. Lotte, which won three consecutive games

had 49 wins and 51 losses, while SS

which had two consecutive losses

had 55 wins

1 drawand 43 losses.

Lotte starter Wilkerson allowed four runs (two earned) in 5.2 innings

but the bullpen combined for 3.1 scoreless innings to set the stage for the victory.

SSG starter Park Jong-hoon gave up four runs in five innings and collapsed to the bullpen.

Lotte trailed 2-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning when Jeon Joon-woo hit a three-run shot to make it 4-2. SSG scored one run on a solo home run by Kang Jin-sung in the top of the sixth inning

and one on a double by Choi Ji-hoon and a timely hit by Kim Sung-hyun to level the score at 4-4.

Lotte tied the game in the bottom of the sixth inning on Ko Seung-min’s ball and Lee Jung-geun’s double to take a 5-4 lead again. Then, in the bottom of the seventh inning

Kim Min-seok’s solo shot drove in one run

followed by Jeon Joon-woo’s hit and Ahn Kwon-so’s double to make it 7-4.

◆ Gwangju Kiwoom vs KIA – 14 hits in a long game… KIA beats Kiwoom 11-3

KIA pounded out 14 hits to beat Kiwoom 11-3.

KIA starter Lee Eui-ri pitched six innings

allowing five hits

two walks

nine strikeouts

and one run (one earned) to reach the 10-win plateau for the second consecutive year.

Kiwoom starter Chung Chan-heon suffered his eighth loss of the season after allowing five runs (four earned) on five hits with three walks and two strikeouts in three innings.

KIA scored every run until the bottom of the fourth inning to take a 6-0 lead.

In the bottom of the fifth inning

lead hitter Socrates Bolnett, Lee Chang-jin bunt hit, and send bunt followed by Choi Jeong-yong’s groundout to first base (error) scored two runs.


Choi Jeong-yong

who advanced to second base

stepped on home plate on Park Chan-ho’s timely hit to make it 9-0

effectively deciding the game.

◆ Daegu LG vs Samsung – Lee Jung-yong scored 2 runs in 6 innings… LG beats Samsung 6-3

LG beats Samsung 6-3.

LG starter Lee Jung-yong picked up his fifth win of the season with six hits and two runs in six innings.

Ko Woo-seok pitched one scoreless inning in the bottom of the ninth to secure the victory and earn his 11th save of the season.

Samsung starter Buchanan came off the mound after two innings with neck muscle soreness.


Lee Seung-hyun pitched three scoreless innings

but Lee Sang-min gave up two runs in 0.1 innings and Kim Dae-woo collapsed with two runs in 0.2 innings

and they tasted the bitter taste of defeat.

Samsung took a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth inning when the score was tight at 1-1 on a sacrifice fly by Kim Sung-yoon on first and third base.

LG made it 5-2 in the top of the sixth inning on back-to-back hits by Kim Hyun-so and Austin and a walk-off home run by Park Dong-won in the top of the second inning on Kim Min-sung’s groundout.

Park Dong-won’s sixth career Grand Slam. Then, in the top of the eighth inning, Kim Hyun-so hit a solo home run to make it 6-2.

Samsung trailed by one run in the bottom of the eighth inning on Kim Sung-yoon’s superb home run.

◆ Changwon Hanwha vs NC – Lee Tae-jung, 5 innings, 1 run… Hanwha beat NC 4-3

Hanwha beat NC 4-3.


which has won three consecutive games

has 41 wins

6 draws

and 52 losses.


which has lost three consecutive games

has suffered its 47th loss (50 wins, 2 draws).

Hanwha starter Lee Tae-jung pitched five innings

allowing four hits

no walks

and one run with one strikeout to earn his second win of the season.

NC starter Choi Sung-young threw well with five hits

two walks

and one strikeout in five innings

but he didn’t get any run support and didn’t have a win.

The game was decided in the ninth inning.

Hanwha took a 3-1 lead in the top of the ninth inning with two outs and one out and a chance at third base when Williams hit an RBI single over the right fielder’s key to make it 4-1.

NC trailed 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning with an RBI double to left-center by Park Gun-woo following Park Min-woo’s groundout.

Then, Martin’s pitcher’s ground ball put runners on first and third base

and Kwon Hee-dong’s ground ball to shortstop added another run.

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