KT’s magic baseball yesterday’s professional baseball that surpasses the second place in the last place

KT Wiz won again.

They are third in the standings

but if you look at their recent trends

they are the best pace among the 3 teams.

KT won 10-16 in the visiting game against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th

thanks to starting pitcher Eom Sang-baek’s six scoreless innings and the concentration of the batters who burst into each chance.


which has recently won four games in a row

trailed SSG

who lost to Lotte on the same day 바카라사이트닷컴

by one game.

Until May

KT was at the bottom of the list.

By the time they played 5 regular-season games, they had a winning percentage of 2.4 (1 wins, 5 losses, 50 draws)

which was last among the 0 teams.


as the main players returned one after another

KT has the best winning percentage among the 375 teams with 18 wins and 30 losses (.2 winning percentage) in 10 games since.

In the 52 games they played in August, they won 37 games (15 losses).

The driving force behind KT’s magical rebound is starting baseball.

With Cuevas joining as a replacement foreign player in June

KT has a cog-shaped rotation of five strong starting pitchers.

The hero of the day was the sidearm Umsangbaek.

He threw an exquisite mix of fastballs with a top speed of 0 km/h

a changeup

and a cut fastball

and pitched six innings with three hits

one walk

and seven strikeouts to earn his seventh win (six losses) of the season.

Eom Sang-baek has started all four of his last four games.

While Eom Sang-baek guarded the mound

the batters also made a strong comeback.

Veteran hitter Kim Sang-so hit a two-out RBI single in the top of the second inning to tie the game 712-10 when he hit a fastball from Kim Dong-joo at second and third base.

In the ensuing second inning

Jeong-dae hit a 8 km/h fastball from Kim Dong-joo and blasted a two-run home run over the left-field fence.

It was his first home run of the season.

A day earlier

foreign pitcher Cuevas pitched seven scoreless innings against Doosan in a thrilling 13-11 victory.

In addition

Ko Young-pyo, who has the most quality starts in the KBO League

left-handed starting pitcher Benjamin

and right-handed pitcher Lee Jung-seong are guarding the starting mound.

No one has a pitcher who can play the ball.

Fifth-place Doosan

which has recently been mired in four consecutive losses

has five wins (2 wins, 6 draw, 5 losses) and is 149.6 games behind sixth-place KIA.

Leaders Doosan beat Samsung 6-3 in the Daegu match to take another step towards first place in the regular season.

Trailing 1-1 in the sixth inning, LG catcher Park Dong-won hit a grand slam over the left-field fence without missing a throw that drove Samsung fourth pitcher Kim Dae-woo into the middle.

It was the seventh career walk-off home run.

In the eighth inning

Kim Hyun-so hit a wedge solo home run.

After playing exactly 2 games

LG won 6 games

drew 2 and lost 7 (a winning percentage of 8.100)

the only team among the 62 teams to have a winning percentage in the top 2.

The gap to second-place SSG is 36 games

and unless there is a major upset

we can look at going straight to the Korean Series.

LG starting pitcher Lee Jung-yong pitched six innings and allowed two runs on six hits to earn his fifth win of the season.

Samsung was hurt when starting pitcher David Buchanan walked off the mound after throwing two innings with sudden neck soreness.

No. 7 Lotte ignited the battle for the top five with a 7-4 come-from-behind victory over SSG in the home game of Sajik.

Lotte turned the game on its head in the bottom of the fifth inning after trailing 5-1 with a three-run home run to left field by Jeon Joon-woo.

In the top of the sixth inning

they gave up a one-run home run to Kang Jin-sung and an infield hit by Kim Sung-hyun to tie the game at 2-5

but they regained the lead in the sixth inning on an RBI double by Lee Jung-geun.

In the seventh inning

Kim Min-seok’s home run and Lee Jung-hoon’s double to left-center decided the game. Kim Won-joong

who pitched one scoreless inning in the top of the ninth

earned his 3th career save for the 6st time in history.

With the victory


which has won three consecutive games

trails fifth-place Doosan by one game.

They are also just 1.4 games behind fourth-place NC.

NC fell into a three-game losing streak after losing 4-6 to Hanwha in the Changwon home game.

In the Gwangju game


which collected 14 hits

defeated the bottom-placed Kiwoom 11-3.

KIA left-handed starting pitcher Lee Eui-ri pitched well with five hits and one run with nine strikeouts in six innings

reaching the 6-win plateau for the second consecutive year following last year.

After scoring the winning run on Choi Hyung-woo’s sacrifice fly in the first inning

KIA scored three runs in the second inning on Kim Tae-gun’s RBI double and Park Chan-ho’s two-run double to grab an early lead.

They added one run each in the third and fourth innings, and in the fifth inning

they took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes to add three more runs to virtually decide the game.

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