“Is that you in the photo?” Hwang Ui-jo threatened the victim herself

The brother of soccer player Hwang Eui-jo (31-Norwich City), who allegedly posted videos of his private life on the Internet and threatened him, has been confirmed to have sent direct messages to the victim as well as to Hwang.
According to a Channel A exclusive report on the 5th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on the 8th arrested and indicted Hwang’s brother on charges of filming and posting using a camera under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act and threatening retaliation. 온라인카지노
According to the indictment, on May 7, Hwang’s brother sent the victim a captured photo of her naked video call with Hwang.
Along with the photo, Huang’s brother wrote, “Is this you?

There are a lot of women in Uijo.

I’ll post a picture soon.”

He also sent a message saying, “Is this you?

On the same day, Mr. Huang also sent a captured video of himself having sex with a woman, along with a message that started with “HI! Uijo”.
Mr. Huang’s brother wrote, “I have a lot of your videos.

You have a lot of women, what will happen if this video is released?”

He added, “I have a few taster photos, look forward to uploading them.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Hwang is being investigated by police for illegally filming his partner in a separate case.

Hwang’s legal representative, Daehwan Law Firm, said, “Our firm is not involved in the ‘violation of the Lawyers Act’ allegations, but there are two ongoing cases against Hwang Ui-jo: a case filed by Hwang Ui-jo as a victim of sex video distribution, and a case in which Hwang Ui-jo is being investigated as a suspect for illegal filming.”

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