25kg Kwon wins 200-second shootout against Japanese fighter

Road FC’s Kwon Ah-sol, a lightweight who originally weighed 70 kilograms but gained 25 kilograms to reach his contracted weight of 95 kilograms, won a 200-second fight against a Japanese fighter.
Road FC held the Road FC 067 event at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Seoul from 4 p.m. on the 16th.
The highlight of the event was definitely the Fight 100 between Kwon Ah-sol and Yoon Hyung-bin.

Fight 100 is a new concept of martial arts where fighters fight with all their might for a time limit of only 100 seconds, and it attracted attention as a comeback match between Kwon Ah-sol, the former lightweight champion of Road FC, and comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who returned to martial arts after nine years since 2014.

In particular, Yoon Hyung-bin’s soy sauce attack on his opponent, Japan’s Shoyu Nikki, garnered attention.
Kwon fought at a contracted weight of 95 kilograms against Kazuya Yanenkedo, who is a year younger than Kwon but has 70 fights under his belt in Japan’s underground fighting scene. 호텔카지노

Kwon hadn’t won in seven years after a second-defense win over Shinji Sasaki in 2016.

Since losing to Mansour Barnawi in the 2018 $1 million tournament, he hasn’t made weight in a boxing match against Nam Ui-Cheol or a fight against Koji Nakamura.

He’s virtually out of retirement and looking for a win against a near-common opponent on his own Fighter 100.
Kazuya, who has a 1-1 professional record but claims to have 70 fights under his belt in unofficial martial arts competitions, vowed to beat Kwon, who ate pizza at the weigh-ins.
The matchup was expected from Kwon’s point of view.

He was a former champion and had increased his weight from 60kg to 90kg, and he expected to overwhelm his opponent as he was more of an ordinary athlete, but he could only read his opponent’s disposition for about 20 seconds, and then they exchanged punches, but neither could land any fatal punches.

In the end, they ended up mud-slinging and didn’t even manage to finish the 100-second time limit.

The referees saw it as a draw and called for an additional 100 seconds of overtime.

In overtime, Kwon’s experience definitely shone through.

Kwon saw his opponent’s punches and dodged them easily, but Kazuya was hit hard enough to make his nose bleed.

Kwon Asol was also hit a bit, but he still avoided the blows as much as possible and landed punches on his opponent, eventually winning the unanimous decision after the overtime.

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