‘Kim Yeon-kyung Invitational All-Star Game’ Roster Confirmed with 23 Foreign + Korean Players

The final lineup of international and local players and coaches attending the Kim Yeon-kyung World Women’s Volleyball All-Star Game and Foundation Launch Ceremony has been finalized.

According to Kim’s agency, RyanAt, “In addition to Marcello Avondanza, who leads professional volleyball team Heungkuk Life, and Cesar Hernandez, former head coach of the South Korean women’s national team, the international team includes Natalia Pereira, Fabiana Claudino, and Sheila Castro (Brazil), Maret Gross (Netherlands), Jamila Nichetti (Argentina), Elin Rousseau (Belgium), Plumjit Tinkaow (Thailand), Miyu Nagaoka and Kotoe Inoue (Japan), and Anna Lazareva and 메이저 토토사이트 Natalia Goncharova (Russia),” the organization said on Nov. 27.

The Korean lineup includes Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Soo-ji, Park Hye-jin (Heungkuk Life), Kim Hee-jin (IBK), Park Hye-min, Park Eun-jin, Yeom Hye-sun, Nolan (Jung Kwan-jang), Lee Myeong-ok, Bae Yuna, Lee Yoon-jung (Korea Expressway Corporation), and Lee Ig-eun (Pepper Savings Bank).

The KYK Invitational 2024 will kick off with a media day and eve on June 7, followed by the Kim Yeon-kyung Invitational National Retirement Match on June 8 and the Kim Yeon-kyung Invitational World Women’s Volleyball All-Star Game on June 9.

The first day of the official schedule, the Eve of the 7th, will consist of a team draft with Kim and other domestic and international women’s volleyball stars, as well as the announcement of team names and team commitments, followed by the national retirement match on the 8th and the KYK Foundation launch ceremony and the World Women’s Volleyball All-Star Game on the 9th.

The match will be preceded by a ceremony to launch the KYK Foundation, which will be established by Kim, a 16-year national team member, with the goal of discovering and nurturing diverse sports talent and positively impacting sports development.

Tickets for the ‘Kim Yeon-kyung Invitational World Women’s Volleyball All-Star Game’ have been on sale at TicketLink since March 21, and can be purchased through the TicketLink website and app. Ticket information, including seat maps, can be found on the page.

For more information about the Kim Yon Kyung Invitational World Women’s Volleyball All-Star Game, please visit the official website and official social media accounts.

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