Korean Air outside hitter Jeong Jung-yong (22), who entered his third year with the team this season, started the opening match for the first time .He said that he was not nervous at first when he was informed that he would be playing in the opening match, but on the day of the match, he said, “I calmed down thanks to my brothers. I think I relaxed from the third set,” he smiled shyly .Jeong Jung-yong started the men’s professional volleyball opening match against Hyundai Capital at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Thursday and stayed on the court until the end to help his team win 3-0.

He finished with 12 points, a 76.92% attack percentage and a 39.13% receiving efficiency. On two occasions, he blocked Ahmed Iqbairi’s (real name Ahmed) attacks, most notably in the 27-25 first set victory. “I tried to block the ball as the game plan from the bench, but the ball just came to me well,” Jung said .Korean Air’s main man, Jeong Ji-seok, was out of the lineup due to back pain. While Jung didn’t have the same destructive power as Jeong, she did her part with solid defense and effective offense.

“I played a lot of international tournaments this time, so I gained confidence even if I didn’t play. I think I’ve grown by competing against good players .”Korean Air has some of the best outside hitters in the league, from Jung to Kwak Seung-seok.”Whether (Jung) Ji-seok is my brother or (Kwak) Seung-seok is my brother, we are competitors. Volleyball is a sport where you have to play if you don’t feel good at any time, so I’m sure they’re preparing well behind the scenes.” Since joining the team, Jung has won two consecutive unified titles.

If the team wins the title again this season, it will set a record of four consecutive titles, the first in men’s volleyball. “I’m very motivated. I want to win again,” he said, adding, “When I win, the team helps me a lot (both physically and mentally), which motivates me.” “Actually, it’s not because I look like a hippo, but when I was in middle school, I kept saying, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it,’ and my brothers kept repeating it, so it became ‘hippo,'” Jung said, adding, “Later on, I really became a hippo because I look like a hippo.” After appearing in 34 games last season, Jeong’s goal for this season is to play more games. That means playing in all 36 games. “I want to play more 토토사이트 games than last year, and I want to do better. That’s my personal ambition,” he said.

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