‘The Great Gatsby’ melds jazz-age splendor with contemporary score

 'The Great Gatsby' on Broadway, produced by Shin Chun-soo, stars Jeremy Jordan, left, as Jay Gatsby and Eva Noblezada as Daisy. Courtesy of Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman

NEW YORK — “Thank you. Gamsahamnida. I am truly happy to be part of such a fantastic (production). I extend my respects to the source of inspiration for this one, Fitzgerald, and (I am) pleased to deliver the best performance every day going forward. Thank you,” said Shin Chun-soo, the producer of the new Broadway musical “The Great Gatsby,” during his speech after the opening night performance on April 25.The evening marked a historic moment for Broadway as well as a significant milestone for Shin, a renowned producer from OD Company in Korea. Although not his first Broadway venture, this was the first occasion where he assumed the role of sole lead producer, embracing both the challenges and triumphs of the production all on his own.After the beloved U.S. classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald entered the public domain in 2021, it was inevitable that this globally celebrated story would find new life on the stage through various adaptations, and the Korean producer became the first to transform the iconic 1925 novel into a Broadway musical.The creative team, featuring Kait Kerrigan for the book, Jason Howland for the music, Nathan Tysen providing lyrics, and Marc Bruni as director, works together to vividly recreate the Roaring ’20s on stage at

the Broadway Theater, one of the largest stages in the world’s musical theater capital. The setting is complete with lavish parties and decadence, capturing the spirit of the 1920s while drawing parallels to contemporary times, which share many similarities. Starring Broadway favorites Jeremy Jordan as Jay Gatsby and Eva Noblezada as Daisy Buchanan, the musical largely remains faithful to Fitzgerald’s original novel. The story begins with Nick Carraway (Noah J. Ricketts) moving to Long Island, New York. He narrates how he quickly becomes drawn into the world of his wealthy neighbor Gatsby and the complexities of Gatsby’s love for Daisy.Jordan delivers a complex portrayal of Gatsby, masterfully balancing his character’s formidable yet enigmatic presence with a somewhat nervous pursuit of Daisy. His approach adds a layer of humor, especially evident in scenes like the one where he plots to invite Daisy to tea at Nick’s cottage. The actor captivates the audience with powerful solo performances in songs such as “For Her” and “Past Is Catching Up to Me,” showcasing Howland’s skillful composition and orchestration for the lead roles.Noblezada’s portrayal of Daisy is captivatingly in charm on the surface, yet underlies a morally complex character, exploring depth and intricacies of her character’s internal and external conflicts musically. In the song “For Better or Worse,” she explores her turbulent marriage and in “Beautiful Little Fool,” the lyrics delve into Daisy’s superficiality, a product of the societal constraints imposed on women of her 온라인카지노 era.

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