Korea to issue travel ban on Haiti amid intensifying gang violence

A man stands on a local tour boat docked in the Labadee touristic area of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, April 25. Reuters-Yonhap

Korea will impose a travel ban on Haiti next month due to increasing safety concerns as gang violence is escalating in the Caribbean nation, the foreign ministry has said.The Level 4 travel advisory, the highest of the four-scale system, will go into effect Wednesday, and it will be applied to all areas of the island nation, the ministry said.The ministry cited the security situation in Haiti that has recently worsened due to the deadly attacks led by a gang coalition and the leadership vacuum following its prime minister’s resignation.

In March and early April, Korea helped some 13 of its nationals in Haiti leave the country, with the cooperation of the Dominican Republic.Separately, Korea also warned against travel to Myanmar’s Rakhine State on the west coast, as the armed conflict between the military and anti-military forces has been intensifying, the ministry said.Since November 2023, Korea has banned travel to parts of Myanmar’s northeastern regions over the 카지노사이트킹 political unrest

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