Ryu Hyun-jin’s Return to Hanwha 17 Billion Won

Ryu Hyun-jin’s Return to Hanwha 17 Billion Won is the decisive hit? Finally, he is trimming the salary cap… How much time will he have

Even if it slightly surpassed Yang Eui-ji’s (Doosan), the highest amount ever recorded,

Hanwha had to exhaust the salary cap of more than 4 billion won approx.

As of 2023, Hanwha’s total salary of the top 40 players amounted to 8.53 billion won approx.

The salary cap in the league was second only to Kiwoom approx.

However, if Ryu Hyun-jin was recruited after Ahn Chi-hong, the salary cap was about to explode.

The first violation of the system was to occur since the introduction of the system. 파워볼사이트

As a result, various speculations have been raised in the industry, such as, “The salary will be paid in 2024,

and the salary cap system will be reset starting in 2025 after violating only the year 2024,”

“The salary cap system will be changed for now.”

Hanwha has developed a clever strategy. Instead of guaranteeing 17 billion won (approx. 17 billion won),

the contract period will be extended to eight years, and an undisclosed opt-out clause has been included to avoid violation of the salary cap.

Some say that it was a trick, but others say that it was an inevitable choice.

Ryu’s return is expected to spark re-discussion on the salary cap.

Many teams have already suggested revising the salary cap regulations..

Some clubs reportedly have the opinion that it is better to abolish the system.

However, they were changing their strategy to revise the system,

blocked by some clubs’ opposition that the system would be implemented for three years after the system was introduced, but it was not abolished.

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