Pyeongchang is gaining strength…We’re looking for a solution to the “Peace Olympics.”

Pyeongchang is gaining strength…We’re looking for a solution to the “Peace Olympics.”

As the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics coincides with the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula, there are many twists and turns in the final preparation stage.Fortunately, Russia’s boycott of the Olympics has been washed away, and the U.S. government has vowed that there is no problem with the once controversial team participation.
Russia’s disciplinary action on the rise of inter-Korean tensions.

Pyeongchang, which has been suffering from unfavorable factors, is gradually finding solutions with the strong willingness of the international community to participate.”The United States is looking forward to participating in the Winter Olympics in Korea,” the White House said through spokesman Sarah Herbaka Sanders.He answered the U.S. request to make sure he participated in the Olympics.France, which first hinted at a possible absence in September, also promised to participate, while Austria and Germany also made sure to participate.

Anxiety remains.

If North Korea continues to carry out missile launch tests and provokes them, athletes from each country may decide not to participate, citing safety issues.If a country makes this decision, it is likely to spread like a domino.The Korean government and the International Olympic Committee are determined to create a “peace Olympics.”Although North Korea has given up its right to participate in the Olympics as a figure pair event, the IOC is encouraging participation, saying it will give a wild card, and even planning to visit North Korea by Chairman Thomas Bach himself.It has already been confirmed several times in history that the power of sports has a special power that brings the world together.The Pyeongchang Olympics could be a symbol of peace if the twisted threads are unraveled well.


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