‘Drinker’ Daly “I beat Woods by playing drunk golf” Boast

The original long hitter’ who opened the era of an average season distance of 300 yards on the PGA Tour. John Daly (USA) lives a life full of ups and downs and is also called a ‘pungun-ah’ and a ‘bad boy’ due to his rough speech and behavior without manners.Another nickname that expresses Daly’s identity is ‘Drinker’.He loved alcohol so much that he was so addicted to alcohol that he even received treatment for alcoholism.On the 15th (Korean time), he became a hot topic by revealing on the US Tucker Carlson Talk Show that he played a round with Tiger Woods (USA) while drinking again while hungover 29 years ago and won by 6 strokes. According to Daly’s recollection, in 1994, he played golf with friends at Sherwood Country Club near Los Angeles, California, and drank alcohol at the clubhouse bar.At that time, Woods stopped by the bar, and Daly and his group invited Woods to join them twice, but Woods declined and headed to the practice range.

Daly, who drank heavily for five or six hours that day, played a round with Woods the next day.Daly, who was still sober, had his caddy bring him whiskey and cola. His caddy also drank alcohol to the point of becoming drunk the day before.Daly, who had been drinking since the first hole, looked back and said that after hitting a tee shot with a 3-iron, he carefully walked down the fairway to make sure the drink did not overflow.“To put it simply, I shot 65 that day and Woods shot 71,” Daly said.He drank so much that he couldn’t even control himself the day before, and even after drinking from the first hole, he boasted that he beat Woods by 6 strokes.When Daly competed in the PGA Championship last year, a reporter followed him and counted 21 cigars, 6 bags of peanut chocolate snacks, and 12 bottles of cola.Daly and Woods will bring their sons to the PNC Championship, 온라인카지노 a family golf competition starting on the 16th.

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