Klinsmann’s attacking football…”The real test will be next year’s Asian Cup”

The evaluation of the national soccer team manager is ‘bullshit’. Jürgen Klinsmann was criticized by fans for his winless record and ‘working from home’ controversy.

But in the past few months, he’s become a winning coach.
Klinsmann’s South Korean national team showed the world the appeal of attacking soccer with a 3-0 victory over China in Group C (South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore) of the 2026 North American Football Championship Asia Second Qualifying Round in Shenzhen, China, on Nov. 21.
After a winless start to his tenure and frequent controversy over his foreign travels, Klinsmann has led his side to five consecutive victories since a September away exhibition win over Saudi Arabia.

In the process, he has scored 19 goals and conceded none.

After a winless start to the season, Klinsmann has now won five in a row and is now 5-3-2 in 10 games.
The rejuvenated Lee Kang-in has raised Klinsmann’s energy level.

Although he was less focused in the second half of the match against China, his dribbling, kicking, and wide passing gave Klinsmann’s offense an extra boost.

The sharp movements of Hwang Hee-chan, Hwang In-beom, and Cho Kyu-sung also multiplied the power of the offense.
Commentator Kim Dae-gil said, “The dynamic movement of the players in the attacking line regardless of their positions, the placement of the defensive midfield according to the opponent’s strength, and the defense with increasing stability stood out.”

The team’s choice to press the opposition from the center line and to surround them from the front when the ball is lost has also paid off.

The addition of defensive midfielder Park Yong-woo from the first leg against Singapore (6-0) shows Klinsmann’s desire to reduce variability and control the game. 호텔카지노
But it’s nothing to get carried away with.

There is a difference in quality between the teams in the second round of World Cup Asia, and the real test will come in the third round if they make it through.

The question now is whether the current form and tactics will work at the Asian Cup in Qatar next January.
“The quarterfinals of the Asian Cup next January will be a test for Klinsmann,” says commentator Kim Dae-gil.

Preparing for the aging of the defense, including the left and right fullbacks, and strengthening the generation change by promoting younger players are also long-term tasks looking beyond the Asian Cup.
“We have the squad to win the Asian Cup, and the players have the ability to do so,” Klinsmann, who has always said he will win the Asian Cup, said after the China game.

There will be a lot of difficulties, and we will face better opponents, but we can achieve it.”

With the national team’s A-match schedule wrapped up for the year, Klinsmann’s players have rallied around the team, and fans can now turn their attention to the 2024 Asian Cup in Qatar next January.

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