Taiwan’s Deputy Prime Minister tracks suspicious package from Korea, China.

A senior Taiwanese government official has responded to a “suspicious parcel” found in South Korea that originated in Taiwan, saying it was sent from China and vowing to pursue the case to the end.

According to local media, Taiwan’s Deputy Executive Yuan Chan, who is also the country’s deputy prime minister, said today (Feb. 22) that the Taiwan Criminal Bureau has organized a dedicated team to investigate. “The Criminal Bureau’s preliminary investigation shows that the parcel was sent via cargo mail from Shenzhen, China, to Taiwan, and then sent back to South Korea via the Taiwan Post Office,” he said.

“We will follow up the investigation to the end and review all the circumstances to see what areas need to be strengthened,” Chung said, emphasizing that the case should be handled with a high degree of vigilance.

Earlier, 카지노사이트넷 the Ministry of Representative Affairs of Taiwan to the Republic of Korea said on its website yesterday (Nov. 21), “The investigation revealed that the parcel was initially sent from China, transited through Taiwan, and finally reached South Korea.”

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