Yang Hyo-jin Hyundai E&C breaks through clogs, takes over road construction

Yang Hyo-jin attacking

Professional volleyball team Hyundai E&C swept Korea Expressway Corporation to

move into first place behind a one-woman show from Yang Hyo-jin.

Hyundai E&C defeated Korea Expressway Corporation 3-1 (19-25 25-21 25-23 25-22) in

a home match of the Dodram 2023-2024 V League Women’s Division at Suwon Gymnasium on Friday.

With the three points, Hyundai E&C took over the top spot in the standings with a 3-1

record and 10 points, ahead of Heungkuk Life (3-1, 8 points).

Doosan Engineering & Construction lost its third consecutive match after the opening

day and failed to move out of sixth place.

Hyundai E&C did not get off to a good start. In the first set, foreign player Moma

Vasoko Leticia (registered name Moma) struggled to get going.

She had a 21.43% attack success rate in the first set as a result of being out of shape.

On the other hand, Roadworks’ offense was led by foreign player Vanya Vukiric

(registered name Vukiric) and Asian quota player Tanacha Suksot (registered name Tanacha), who combined for 11 points.

After dropping the first set 19-25, Hyundai E&C came out strong in the second set.

With the wings struggling, they piled up points in the center.

Middle blockers Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun combined for 11 points in the second

set to lead the offense. Yang Hyo-jin had a dominant height advantage in the second set, pulling down two blocks.

Hyundai E&C easily took the second set 25-21 to even the set score at 1-1.

In the third set, Moma came alive. Moma showed a different side, exploding with offense from the front and back row.

She scored 10 points in the third set alone to push Korea Expressway Corporation.

With the set score at 2-1, Hyundai E&C closed out the match in the fourth set.

Yang Hyo-jin and MOMA

The victory was not easy.

At 20-16 in the fifth set, Hyundai E&C gave up four straight points to tie the score at 20-20.

That’s when Yang Hyo-jin stepped up to the plate, 카지노사이트랭크 hitting a mid-

range kill to put the brakes on the KDOT’s comeback.

At the end of the rally, Yang Hyo-jin scored again, this time from the center, breaking

through the opponent’s blocking wall.

Yang’s performance continued. Once again, she scored another point with a hard hit from the center.

At 23-21, Yang scored again with another center hit.

With the score tied at 24-22, Hyundai E&C closed out the match with a kill by Moma.

Yang finished with a team-high 23 points, including four blocks.

Moma chipped in with 22 points, while Kim Joo-hyang added 11 points in the win. 고스톱

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