“Please, I want to see Son Heung-min, do you have any extra tickets?” Korean War Tickets 10x True

There’s no way I’d pay 10 times the usual price to see Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham). That’s what’s happening in Bangkok right now.

The South Korean national soccer team, coached by interim head coach Hwang Sun-hong, will take on the hosts Thailand at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. KST in the fourth match of Group C of the 2026 North and Central American World Cup Asia Second Qualifying Round.

South Korea tied Thailand 1-1 in the third leg at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sept. 21 in a one-sided affair. With their pride bruised, 텍사스홀덤사이트 South Korea will be looking for a big win against Thailand.

Rajamangala Stadium, where the match will be played, is about a 23-minute drive from downtown Bangkok. The stadium has a capacity of about 49,000, and the 45,000 seats allocated to the Football Association of Thailand were reportedly sold out as soon as they went on sale.

The Football Association of Thailand put tickets on sale on Oct. 10. The cheapest seats were priced at 165 baht (about $6,000) and the most expensive at 750 baht (about $28,000). However, black tickets have now increased in price by more than 10 times and are reportedly unavailable.

SiamSport reported, “Tickets are currently selling for 10 times the price on the secondary market. However, the price keeps increasing as the game gets closer. You won’t even be able to get them on the day of the game,” Siam Sports reported.

The biggest reason for this is Son Heung-min. Many Thai fans are willing to pay up to 10 times the price to see the Premier League‘s top scorer and world star in the comfort of their Bangkok homes. In addition, it is analyzed that black marketers who smell money are systematically driving up ticket prices.

OSEN met Thai soccer fans at a soccer shop in downtown Bangkok. When we told them we were reporters from South Korea, they immediately offered us tickets to the game, saying, “Can you get us tickets for the Korea game? We’ll pay you a lot of money.” When I explained that I was just a journalist, not a member of the Football Association, they were disappointed. When I asked him, “Would you go to the game even if I paid you 10 times as much?” he immediately replied, “Yes. It’s not every day that you get to see Sonny.”

In South Korea, the Red Devils are also planning a massive away support. They were able to secure tickets through the Korean Football Association’s allocated away supporters’ ticket program. They are expected to give the Taegeuk Warriors a boost in an overwhelmingly unfavorable away support scene.

An official from the Korea Football Association said, “It is true that there is a ticket scandal in Thailand. Even in Korea, many families of players visit the stadium, but there are no tickets, which is a big problem. Usually, there are tickets left over, but this time there are none,” he said tongue-in-cheek.

“When we played Korea, Thailand was the same way,” said Hwang Sun-hong. We have players with a lot of World Cup experience. It’s something we have to overcome as national team players. It won’t affect us too much. It’s important to play with a calm mind,” he said, emphasizing the need to overcome the disadvantage of playing away from home.

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