The KIA Tigers are in a critical situation.

The KIA Tigers are in a critical situation.

Former manager Kim Jong-kook, who was at the helm until last year, is being investigated by prosecutors for alleged embezzlement. His arrest warrant was dismissed, but that doesn’t prove his innocence. Regardless of the outcome of the prosecution’s investigation, Kia decided to terminate his contract due to his ‘disgraceful behavior’. The team is currently searching for a new coach to lead the team and clear the air.

There are a number of candidates for the position, including internal promotions and external hires. In the midst of this, former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Kang Jeong-ho has been causing controversy by making frivolous comments on social media.

A baseball-related SNS recently posted a post titled, “The next manager KIA fans want. Former KIA manager Sun Dong-ryul, former NC manager Lee Dong-wook, 안전놀이터 KIA hitting coach Lee Bum-ho, and former KIA pitching coach Seo Jae-heng were introduced as candidates.

The comment section heated up like a top issue in the baseball world.

Kang Jeong-ho commented, “I will go. After retiring from baseball, Kang Jeong-ho ran a baseball academy in Los Angeles and became famous as a ‘one-hit wonder’ for KBO players.

NC’s Son As-seop and Doosan’s Kim Jae-hwan passed through his hands. Son proved his effectiveness by winning the batting title and Golden Glove last year, while Kim Jae-hwan trained with Kang for about a month from late November last year.

Some fans welcomed the arrival of Kang Jeong-ho, a former star player whose hometown is Gwangju, and asked him to become KIA’s new manager. In response, Kang replied, “I don’t know if I want to go. I’ll go only if the fans want me to go.”

Kang Jeong-ho’s comment was frivolous.

Who can blame him for joking around with his close friends over drinks, but it’s a very sensitive issue. Even if he’s interested in the job, it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to take the helm because of his unsavory past.

On the other hand, Shim Jae-hak said, “There are several candidates, both internal and external, for the position.” He is referring to those who are currently in the wilderness. This refers to those who are currently in the field.

Among those with managerial experience are Kim Kyung-moon, former NC coach, Sun Dong-yeol, former KIA coach, Lee Sun-cheol, SBS commentator, Kim Ki-tae, former KIA coach, Lee Dong-wook, former NC coach, and Kim Won-hyung, former SSG coach. 안전한 파워볼사이트 There is also former LG coach Lee Jong-beom, who is preparing to train in the United States. Internal promotion candidates include head coach Jin Gap-yong, who is in charge of the Australian camp, and hitting coach Lee Bum-ho.

This season, KIA is a strong favorite to win the title. They have a solid starting lineup of foreigners and Koreans, and a much deeper bullpen. The batting lineup is also one of the best in the league, with mobility, precision hitting, and power. The players in camp were shocked by the sudden departure of their manager, but they are not rattled. On the contrary, they are more determined to win the championship. Who will be the new KIA manager?

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