“I’m sorry to leave you in this mood.”

“I’m sorry to leave you in this mood.”

30th, Gwangju, KIA Champions Field. Kia Tigers manager Shim Jae-hak bowed his head as he stood in front of the players gathered to depart for Australia that day.

Kia made the unprecedented decision to terminate the manager’s contract a day before the team was scheduled to begin spring training. It was determined that he would not be able to lead the team normally while the investigation was ongoing. It was not necessary for Shim to bow his head in front of the team, as the situation was caused by an individual’s deviation, but it was a responsibility that someone had to take on, an effort to calm the team down.

Shim was scheduled to fly to Australia soon to review the conditions of the first camp and find ways to support and improve the team.

But it never happened. 카지노사이트 The team was without a head coach for the first time. The only solution is to appoint a new head coach as soon as possible.

Since taking over as KIA’s head coach in May last year, his job has been a “probationary” one.

After his predecessor was dismissed early last year amid allegations of misconduct, KIA left the position vacant for a month. This led to an intense internal investigation, but not all issues were resolved. Even after Shim took over, he was busy cleaning up the mess for a while. His first task was to overhaul the entire organization, including not only the head coach’s role, but also the scouting and player support and development process.

Before he could take a breather, his personal life took over.

His son, a high school baseball player, was involved in a scandalous incident. The investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing, but he still had to deal with a lot of emotional pain with no one to help him. It was a double whammy, as he was busy managing a team in the midst of a battle for the top spot.

KIA, which failed to enter the top five, took a big step forward in the Stobrig.

It was the first KBO team to sign an agreement with the Canberra Cavaliers of the Australian Baseball League (ABL), creating an opportunity to send promising players.

The team also sent young pitchers such as Jeong Hae-young and Yoon Young-chul to the United States. Catcher Kim Tae-gun was signed to a multi-year, non-free agent contract, and the team added pitcher Lee Hyung-beom and outfielder Go Hyung-bum through the second round of the draft. They retained internal free agent Ko Jong-wook and added infielder Seo Gun-chang, who was released by the LG Twins, to bolster their depth. For the long-sought-after foreign pitcher spot, the team raised expectations by bringing in James Nail, who was on the St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster, and Will Crowe, who has excellent command of his pitches. While KIA was far from a “big investment” in this year’s Stobrigue, it was said to have made solid reinforcements and gotten better. It was also said that the team could threaten LG, which won the pennant race and Korean Series last season.

In the midst of all this, 카지노사이트 추천 Shim has once again taken on the role of “firefighter” for matters outside of baseball.

When the decision to suspend and dismiss his predecessor was announced, Shim could only sigh and barely speak.

It’s strange that he doesn’t sigh because he’s been through a lot in less than a year. However, he can’t just sit back and gloat. We have a pivotal role to play in the selection of a new commander. Shim’s experience and network will be essential in order to keep all options open and make a decision as soon as possible.

With all eyes on baseball, it will be interesting to see how he handles the situation this time around.

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