Na Sung-beom is facing a thorn in his side

The Kia Tigers’ new captain, Na Sung-beom (35), is facing a thorn in his side before the season even starts.

Even before the start of spring training, the KIA Tigers were plagued by judicial risks. Head coach Kim Jong-kook was suspended on March 28 after it was confirmed that he was under investigation by prosecutors. The next day, on the 29th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office filed an arrest warrant for Kim, along with former team president Jang Jeong-seok, on suspicion of embezzlement. Eventually, after the news of the arrest warrant broke, KIA decided to terminate Kim’s contract.

“We have confirmed that Coach Kim Jong-guk is a suspect and is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office for ’embezzlement,'” the club said in an official statement. “Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the prosecutor’s investigation, the club has decided to terminate the contract with Coach Kim Jong-guk as an act of ‘impairment of dignity.

The crime of embezzlement is committed when a person receives an improper request for business and receives a financial benefit. 온라인카지노 Kim and Jang allegedly received 100 million won and tens of millions of won, respectively, from a coffee company that sponsors the Kia Tigers.

The company allegedly paid Kim on several occasions to help secure a sponsorship deal with the Kia Tigers.

First, the arrest warrants for Kim Jong-kook and Jang Jeong-seok were dismissed late on the afternoon of Nov. 30. Judge Yoo Chang-hoon, who conducted the warrant review, said, “In light of the statements of the relevant persons, including the actual state of advertising sponsorship of the club before the time of receiving the money, the details and timing of the sponsor’s advertising sponsorship, and the suspect’s involvement in the sponsorship process, it is necessary to ensure a defense regarding whether the money received is the price of an illegal request.”

“In light of the substantial amount of material related to the allegations, the defendants’ attitudes during the interrogation, their recognition of their responsibility for causing the scandal, and their careers, it is difficult to recognize the reason and necessity for detention,” the court said.

On the 29th, the coaching staff was dismissed, and on the 30th, the players were scheduled to leave the spring camp in Canberra, Australia.

It’s the last thing anyone expected.

The departure of the spring camp, which determines the agricultural year, is filled with excitement, tension, and anticipation. However, KIA’s departure from spring training was disastrous. Head coach Jin Gap-yong, who stood in front of the press as the head of the coaching staff in place of Kim, had tears in his eyes. In the absence of the head coach, the players had no choice but to look to him, and he had to shoulder all the pressure.

“I heard about it through the media, too. It came out of nowhere. I’m still not ready for this,” he said, adding, “I met and talked to head coach (Shim Jae-hak), and he told me to feel responsible. This is my first experience like this, but I think I’m in charge. I will talk a lot with the coaches and prepare well. I’m sure the players were surprised, so I’ll tell them not to be afraid and to do our workouts.”

While it’s important for the coaching staff to be able to handle the situation, there’s nothing they can do to prevent individual players from getting upset. Or not be able to. That’s why the role of the captain, who works closely with the team, is even more important this spring camp. For Na Seong-beom, who is entering his third year with the club and has been a key member of the Kia team, the captaincy comes with a thorny path.

On his way out of the country on the 30th

Na said, “Something unexpected happened. The players only got together today, and before that, they were training separately, so there was no meeting, and we didn’t talk about it. We’ll probably talk about it when we get to spring training,” he said, adding that his priority was to get the players together.

“I don’t think the players have changed. It’s not their concern. We’re going to focus on playing baseball in spring training as we prepared. We will give the fans a good show and a good performance.”

However, if the current disastrous atmosphere continues, it is bound to affect the entire season. While a good flow doesn’t necessarily translate to performance, a bad mood and flow can negatively impact the entire season.

“If the players and coaching staff sink, the season can be ruined,” says Nasung Bum. “The atmosphere is so bad that each player thinks differently, and some players may be agitated. I don’t want them to keep their heads down. So we had a meeting beforehand and said, ‘Let’s not get too agitated. We’re going to do what we’ve prepared. Let’s do what we’ve prepared, so let’s prepare well for the season,'” he said.

Na’s plan is to keep the team together until a new head coach is found.

But it won’t be easy. A quick appointment would be the best way to turn things around.

“At the beginning of the season, it would have been better if we were smiling and in a good mood, but the mood is inevitably a little dark,” says Na, “but I think it’s better for the players to act the same way than to keep their heads down and be depressed. I don’t know who the coach will be, but I hope he will come quickly and help the team restart,” he said, urging the club to appoint a coach quickly.

How will KIA get out of its current predicament? 바카라사이트 추천 There is a burden on Na’s shoulders that has never been felt before.

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