Nobraines “The Cheer Rings Out Again Thanks to NC Fans on Marsan Street”

‘The place where I was born, Marsan Street, a city in a rough harbor with a sea breeze, I love it even though there’s no special place to go.’

This is how the song ‘come on come on (come on come on) Masan Street’ from the 5th album released by the rock group Nobrain in 2007 begins.

Born and raised in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do, the song was written by Nobrain vocalist Lee Sung-woo, a native of the area, to capture the longing and memories of his hometown after a business trip to Seoul.

The song is used as an anthem for the NC Dinos, a professional baseball team that was founded in Masan in 2012.

NC fans stand up and sing the song during the eighth inning of every game.

However, the song, which represents Masan, was not played at the ballpark from 2019 to 2020.

This is because some local politicians took offense to the phrase “cola-colored waters” in the lyrics, and the city of Changwon sent a customization request to the NC team.

Some voiced that the song emphasized Masan and diminished the meaning of unified Changwon City.

Political issues have triggered ballpark cheering culture and freedom of expression.

NC started playing the song again in 2021 after winning the 2020 championship, and there hasn’t been much opposition.

“It was a heartbreaking memory,” said Lee Sung-woo, the vocalist of No Brain who wrote the song.

“Actually, the sea in front of Masan used to be colored with cola, but now it’s very clean,” Lee Sung-woo told reporters ahead of the third game of the playoffs (PO) between baseball’s NC and kt wiz at Changwon NC Park on Feb. 2. “The lyrics were about loving Masan, but I think (some politicians) took it to mean something else,” he said.

“It was very heartbreaking, but in the end, thanks to the support of NC fans, the cheer “Masan Street” is echoing in the ballpark again,” he said. “In a way, the fans have revolutionized. Thank you to the best fans ever.”

He also said, “My father is a big fan of NC, and he was sadder than anyone when the song didn’t come out.”

Lee Sung-woo and other members of No Brain were invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and stood on the mound in NC uniforms.

When Lee Sung-woo threw the ball, the NC fans who filled the stadium gave a standing ovation and gathered their voices of support in unison. 토토사이트

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