‘Daily MVP’ Youngpyo Ko “took on a huge task and prepared thoroughly”

Starting pitcher Ko Young-pyo (32), who pitched a no-hitter and saved KT WIZ from a cliffhanger, talks about the game.

KT Wiz won 3-0 on the road against NC in the third game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Playoffs (PO-5 best-of-three) at NC Park in Changwon on the afternoon of April 2. With the win, kt wiz improved to 1-2 in the PO.

The KT Wiz were crushed by NC’s momentum until the second game of the PO, never taking a single lead. Relied-upon “win-rate guy” William Cuevas gave up seven runs in three innings, and lefty ace Wes Benjamin collapsed with three runs in five innings.

With the game on the line, national team right-handed submarine Ko Young-pyo was called upon. Despite being a veteran of the battle of the bullpens, it was no easy task given KT Wiz’s current situation and NC’s ascendancy.

However, Ko kept the NC hitters in check with his main weapon, a changeup and a wobbly two-seam fastball. He occasionally threw a slider to throw off their timing. In particular, he threw a lot of pitches to get the NC bats going.

In the end, Ko earned the win with six innings of scoreless ball, three hits, two walks, and five strikeouts. He was also named the Daily MVP of Game 3 of the POs.

He said after the game, “I was given a big task, so I prepared thoroughly. They’re tough hitters, so I made it difficult and was wary of going in and getting hit like I did in the regular season. I tried to induce (false swings) because the NC batters are hot,” he recalled of his pitching.

“I focused on resting and recovering as much as I could (in preparation for the playoffs),” he said, “and I think being very careful and focused (in the match) paid off. We had a lot of luck,” he added.

Coincidentally, it was the first birthday of Ko’s son. “I think (my son’s birthday) had a very positive effect on me,” he smiled about 토토사이트 pitching on his son’s birthday.

Meanwhile, KT Wiz announced Cuevas as the starting pitcher for Game 4 of the PO. Cuevas is 12-0 with a 2.60 ERA this season. However, he suffered a loss in Game 1 of the PO after giving up seven runs (four earned) in three innings.

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