UFC Jung Chan-sung Ahead of the Holloway Match

UFC Jung Chan-sung ahead of the Holloway match “I’m afraid before the match… but I’ll win”

On the night of the 26th, UFC featherweight champion Holloway and main event showdown

“Halloway is a strong fighter, but he has weaknesses…prepare accordingly” 카지노사이트

Korea’s representative mixed martial arts player, ‘Korean Zombie’ Jeong Chan-seong (36), will have a once-in-a-lifetime match with the finish line right in front of his eyes.

Holloway vs. Chansung Jung

The stage is ‘UFC on ESPN 52 – Holloway vs. Chansung Jung’, which will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on the afternoon of the 26th.

He challenged for the second title in his life in April of last year, and was completely defeated by UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia) after failing to use his strength.

Afterwards, he suggested the possibility of retirement in great frustration,

he accepted the challenge of Max Holloway (31, USA),

a former featherweight champion, and took on the challenge of his lifetime.

Jeong Chan-seong

Jeong Chan-seong, who is training at the end of the game in Singapore, said at a video conference with the domestic media on the 22nd, “I have prepared a lot, and I am 100% confident.”

Most of the strategies he established against Holloway were hidden, and among the things he had prepared, he revealed only the ‘counter punch’, adding, “I think Holloway will also have weaknesses.

I think (the plan prepared) is right and I should do it.”

If the UFC event is held again in Korea, he also revealed that he would like to make it a retirement fight regardless of the win or loss of Hollow Way.

Below is Chansung Jeong’s Q&A.

— I had a long hiatus due to an injury.

How do you feel about being in the ring again after a long time?
▲ I want to play often, but in a way, martial arts is also a business.

They ran hundreds of millions per game.

A lot of things are happening behind the scenes.

It was a situation where I couldn’t ask anyone to play.

I did my best as I could, and as a result, I met a good opponent (Holloway).

— Assuming the match goes well as calculated, how many rounds do you think you will win?


▲ (Strategy) I can’t talk in detail.

Counters are also included in the strategy, of course.

Most importantly, it will be a very tough fight.

You have to be firm and not give up even when it’s hard, and don’t show off.

As I always say, you have to fight thinking that you will go to the end of the 5th round.

— What is Holloway’s weakness?

▲ He punches a lot.

There will be an opportunity to fight against them.

I don’t think I have any weaknesses, but I still think there are weaknesses.

prepared that way.

I’m not sure if my plan will work or not, but I think I should do it thinking it’s right.

— Then, what are the advantages of Holloway?

▲ He has really good strikes and a high punch volume (weight).

He has good wrestling defense and good stamina.

Still, he doesn’t seem terribly good.

I think I’ll have to test it out (in a real game) as I thought.

— Holloway said, ‘Jung Chan-sung’s match will be the match of the year’.

What do you think.


▲ When fighting Holloway, should I say ‘tudeok to deok’?

There will be many workshops.

(They’s) style is like that.

Condition is really good.

He did really well in the new gym.

He didn’t have to spend time unnecessarily from eating to training.

— What is the difference between your image of the opponent when the match against Holloway was first confirmed and now ahead of the match?

▲ At that time, I thought it would be an easy opponent.

While preparing, I feel, ‘This is not a world champion for nothing’.

I seem to have found the answer though.

If we fight like this, I think we have a chance to win.

The more I exercise, the more confident I am in proportion to the amount of exercise.

I really prepared a lot, and I am 100% confident.

Conor McGregor

— What would it be like to fight Conor McGregor?

▲ Once upon a time, when I was serving as a public service worker after fighting Jose Aldo, I had a chance to fight McGregor.

However, it was canceled due to service.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t fight back then.

I’m not in a position to fight McGregor right now.

McGregor has also moved up to lightweight (from featherweight), but his class has also changed.

As a fan who loves McGregor so much, he is on a different level (from me).

  • He said that after the Volkanovski fight he felt he couldn’t be champion, is he still the same?

▲ That’s what I thought right away.

At that time, that day, I wanted to honestly talk about that moment.

Looking back over time, I had a reason (losing to Volkanovski).

If that feeling had stayed the same until now, I would have retired.

There was an obvious reason not to.

I’m going to this game to prove (there was a reason why I couldn’t show my skills to Volkanovski).


— Do you feel that retirement is near?

▲ I don’t think there is much time left.

Other players claim to be champions at the age of 40, but each person’s peak period is different.

Calmly, I feel that I am very different from before.

Still, I can overcome it with movement.

I think that if you compete, you will become a champion unconditionally.

I still think there is a possibility.

— Does Jung Chan-sung feel fear when he goes up to the Octagon?

▲ I always felt it.

It’s always scary before going up.

It’s not because the opponent is afraid.

I think I was scared because I would be disappointed in myself if I lost the game.

— What are your future plans?


▲ Originally, I thought this was the last match.

The broadcaster (which has the rights to broadcast the UFC in Korea) said that if I didn’t appear, we couldn’t hold a UFC event in Korea.

When I saw that, I wondered how it would be the last UFC event held in Korea.

If you do it in Korea, Korean players can gain a lot of popularity.

He may sign a new contract with the UFC.

That kind of opportunity will be difficult for a while once I retire.

If possible, I want to do it in Korea for the last time regardless of the outcome of the match.

— If there is a message you want to convey to your fans.

▲ It’s a thought I’ve been thinking a lot lately,

but in fact, even if two players train the same,

eat and sleep the same, only one of them wins.

That’s the charm of sports.

Inevitably, the person with the talent wins.

You won’t know until you face it.

Holloway showed more than me,

but now I believe in myself.

no doubt

I may lose, but I will do my best.

Saying that you will do your best may seem weak-willed, but it is not at all.

I will win.

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