Dortmund sign another Man Utd troublemaker→“The next Sancho”

After reaching the UEFA Champions League final this season, Borussia Dortmund are looking to sign the next Jadon Sancho to help them prepare for next season.

Mason Greenwood has been a revelation for Getafe in Spain over the past year.

“Dortmund were linked with Mason Greenwood in England last week,” German outlet Bild reported on Sunday (July 27), adding that the Dortmund star could become the new Sancho if he doesn’t stay.

The outlet continued: “Greenwood could be an option in the summer. But only if Sancho leaves Dortmund after his loan spell at Manchester United,” adding that ‘several players, including Greenwood, are being discussed as a Plan B to replace Sancho.’

Sancho has been in incredible form this season since leaving Manchester United and joining Dortmund on loan. It’s hard to believe that he’s only played three games in the first half of the season.

Sancho joined Dortmund back in January. Sancho asked for a transfer after United manager Eric Dier dropped him from the first team squad for being disloyal, and the club sent him to Dortmund on a half-year loan. Sancho’s performances at United were not good, so it made sense to send him away.

Dortmund didn’t expect much from him, but he led them to the UEFA Champions League final. In the Champions League quarterfinal first leg against PSG, Sancho started on the right wing and destroyed the right flank with his pace and dribbling runs. Dortmund defeated PSG by a combined score of 2-0 to reach the final behind Sancho’s performance.

It is unknown whether Sancho will return to United or stay at Dortmund at the end of the season. Sancho has made it clear that he wants to stay at Dortmund, but it’s possible that he could return if United decide to sack Turnbach, who has had a falling out with him.

“Sancho could make a shock return to the United first team if Mauricio Pochettino becomes the club’s new manager,” according to British outlet Football Insider.

Dortmund are also keen to sign Sancho, but they have a Plan B in place. Greenwood has enjoyed a resurgent season for Getafe this 사설토토 season.

Greenwood is a former United youth product who made his debut in the 2018-19 season and was highly anticipated by United fans. He scored double-digit goals in both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons and was expected to lead United’s attacking line in the future.

But then came the unexpected: in January 2022, he was investigated for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and forcing her to have sex with him. United dropped him from the first-team squad during that time. In February of last year, the case against Greenwood was dropped and he was exonerated.

His return to United was difficult. His return was controversial within the club, and Greenwood opted to go out on loan. His destination was Getafe in Spain. After more than a season away from the field, there were concerns about his performance.

Greenwood proved them wrong. He scored 10 goals and provided six assists in 36 appearances this season, showing that he’s still got it. While United have liked his performances, there are still internal dissenting voices that could put him up for sale.

If Dortmund fail to land Sancho, they could turn to Greenwood. Both players have similarities in that they can play on the left and right wing and have goalscoring ability. “Greenwood is a very valuable player for Dortmund given his qualities and other experience,” said Bild, “but his price has dropped significantly due to his difficult past. 18 million euros ($26.6 billion).”


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