No chance to see Dinosaurs 167SV closers’ Plan B

“I think we should go into emergency mode.”

The NC Dinos are in crisis. They’ve lost four straight and are 3-7 in their last 10 games. If you widen the scope to May, they’re 7-13-1, which is a step backwards. In late April and early May, they threatened the leaders KIA Tigers from right below, but now they’ve slipped to fifth place. It’s almost a good thing that sixth-place SSG Landers has recently lost six straight games. If it wasn’t for their losing streak, they could have fallen to sixth place or lower.

We actually exceeded expectations at the start of the season. First season without Eric Peddie, first season without Kuchangmo. There was a lot of concern that the starting lineup wouldn’t be able to calculate. However, Daniel Castano and Kyle Hart were better than expected and filled in well. Shin Min-hyuk proved that his 1.10 ERA in three postseason games last year was no fluke, and Lee Jae-hak moved away from his two-pitch arsenal by adding a cutter. Kim Si-hoon sticks with the fifth starter.

In addition, bullpen newcomers Kim Jae-yeol and Han Jae-seung have exceeded expectations. Lee Yong-chan’s velocity was a far cry from his shaky fall ball last year. The bats did their job, with foreign hitters Matt Davidson, Park Geon-woo, and Park Min-woo doing their part. Kim Hyung-joon, Kim Joo-won, and Kim Sung-wook held down the center field line even when they weren’t hitting.

As a result, NC finished April with a better-than-expected record. They went 20-11, just one game behind leaders KIA. They scoffed at pundits’ predictions of a bottom-tier finish. In May, they were expected to challenge KIA for the lead in earnest. In fact, Kia slowed down in May compared to April, but they still managed to stay in first place. It all comes down to the difference in base power.

Coach Kang Kwon-hyung analyzed that the stamina of the existing mainstays dropped during the six-game series against the Kiwoom Heroes and LG Twins last week. To stabilize the team, he used a fixed lineup as much as possible. The bullpen also had a solid formula, but the pace of its members dropped along with their performance.

There were also one or two injuries. Park Min-woo was sidelined with a shoulder injury, and ace Castano was sidelined with an arm muscle problem. Lee Jae-hak 카지노 was also ruled out due to inflammation of his middle finger tendon, which highlighted the existing shortcomings. Son As-seob is recovering from his early-season slump, but he’s still not the player he was last year. Kim Joo-won and Kim Sung-wook’s batting is still not quite there. Ryu Jin-wook and Kim Young-kyu, who were the top two pairs last year, are still a bit shaky. 

Crucially, closer Lee Yong-chan has also been ruled out of the first team ahead of the 24th game against LG due to a sprained left knee and shoulder and arm fatigue. “I think we’ll have to go to an emergency system,” said coach Kang Myung-hwon. Depending on the situation, Han Jae-seung and Kim Jae-yeol, as well as Kim Young-kyu and Ryu Jin-wook, could be used as closers.

The real problem is that they haven’t even gotten into a situation that would elevate them to a provisional finish. NC has been virtually one-dimensional throughout their recent four-game losing streak, from the 23rd against Kiwoom to the three-game series against LG. There was no chance to utilize a fill-in, closer, hold, or save situation. It’s a natural phenomenon 온라인카지노사이트 that happens when the strength of the batting lineup and the starting lineup deteriorates a little bit at the same time.

In this situation, NC will meet first-place KIA again at home on the 28th. Kia is also looking at NC as a tricky team, but it’s clear that NC is finding it a bit more difficult at this point. Manager Kang Kwon-hyung has been shaking up the batting order a lot lately, looking to rebound, but the mound has been much more shaky than it was earlier in the season.

How the Nats can overcome this crisis, which could send them into a mid-to-lower division spiral. Right-hander Shin Min-hyuk, who starts on the 28th, has a lot of responsibility.


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