Will we see ‘big leaguer’ Ko Woo-seok at Gocheok Dome in March?

“I’m still in a position to compete, so it would be premature to say I’m a big leaguer.

I’ll build my body well and play my first (MLB) game in Seoul.”
Ko Woo-seok (25, San Diego Padres), who made it to the Major League Baseball (MLB) through the closed competitive bidding (posting system), is determined.
He dramatically signed a contract just before the posting deadline on April 4. It’s a 2+1 year deal worth up to $9.4 million (approx. $12.3 billion).

While the contract total falls short of the threshold set by his hometown team, the LG Twins, it is the best deal ever for a Korean bullpen pitcher in the United States.
Now, he’s in a tough race to become a big leaguer.

He will compete with Nippon Professional Baseball’s Yuki Matsui, a left-handed pitcher, and Roberto Suarez, a right-handed hard-throwing pitcher, for the closer’s job at spring training in Peoria, Arizona, in mid-February.

Moreover, the opening game against the Los Angeles Dodgers will be held on March 20-21 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.
Ko, who returned home on March 6, said that “getting in shape” is the key to becoming a big leaguer. In fact, he works out every day, no matter what.

At his wedding last year, he famously finished his morning workout before heading to the ceremony.

On the last three days of his unexpected trip to San Diego, he worked out in his bedroom until 10 a.m. before heading to Incheon Airport. 카지노사이트가이드
The same was true in the U.S., where he had an urgent contract. “

He stayed at a hotel in San Diego for only one night, and he worked out at Petco Park, the home stadium of the Dodgers,” said Lee Yerang, a representative of Ricoh Sports, a domestic agency that accompanied Go Woo-seok to the United States.
Despite his short trip to the U.S., which lasted just four days and four nights, Go Wooseok revealed that two things were the talk of the town.

First, his father-in-law Lee Jong-beom and brother-in-law Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants).

Second, his name initials, “GO W.S.,” attracted attention.

This is because it means “go to the World Series.
Go Woo-seok is one of the most powerful pitchers in the KBO.

After joining the organization with the first overall pick in 2017, he went 19-26 with 139 saves and a 3.18 ERA in seven seasons until last year.

Most notably, he pitched in the Korean Series last year, helping the Elsie win its first title in 29 years.
It will be interesting to see if Go Woo-seok will be able to don a San Diego uniform and take the mound at Kodak SkyDome in March.

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