‘There’s a secondary market,’ Salt Gallup shoots for 1000 million. “This is also a tax guide.”

The LG Twins’ first Korean Series title in 29 years has two mysteries: a Rolex watch and Awamori sake.

The Rolex watch that the late chairman Koo Bon-moo personally bought for the Korean Series MVP is still sitting in a safe in the LG Twins’ office, unclaimed. And a bottle of Awamori sake, a speciality of the Okinawa region of Japan, that was bought to share if the team won, has been waiting for 29 years. I had three large 4-litre bottles, 먹튀검증 but they evaporated over the years, so I’m now storing them together in one bottle. In fact, he’s wondering if he’ll still be able to drink it if he wins.

Rolexes are a hot topic among athletes, as there is talk that they are now worth over $100 million. But when I ask them if they get greedy about Rolex, they all say, “I just need to win. One of my teammates will get a Rolex watch,” and they are cool about it.

The Korean Series MVP is voted on by the journalists. Sometimes it goes to the player with the best overall record in the series, but sometimes it goes to the player with the most memorable moment in the series. When KT Wiz won the title in 2021, it was Park Kyung-soo, who made some great defensive plays, and last year, SSG Landers’ Kim Kang-min was named MVP for his game-winning home run in Game 5.

It would be a shame to miss out on a Rolex watch for such a great performance, and LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop decided to make up for it.

“If we win the Korean Series, the MVP will get a Rolex watch, but I will select a player who did well other than the MVP and give him 10 million won in cash,” he said. “This money will be given directly by me. So the taxes are covered,” he laughed.

In other words, the MVP will receive a billion-dollar Rolex watch, while the runner-up will receive a 10 million won ‘second prize’. If you win the Korean Series, you get a championship bonus as a dividend, and then you get a bonus of 10 million won for Rolex, so it’s a money feast.

LG is making thorough preparations to seize this opportunity after 29 years. Since the 19th of this month, the team has been training in Icheon with a schedule of two days of training and one day of rest. The team has been resting every other day, but has also been training at night for two days to ensure that they don’t miss any training. Most teams heading into the Korean Series did not play many practice games for fear of injury, but LG played a whopping seven practice games, including two practice games against Sangsung and five against their own Cheongbaek. Playing a lot of practice games to eliminate the disadvantage of not feeling the game in the early stages of the Korean Series after a long break of about three weeks. We can see that Yeom is not leaving any gaps in his preparation.

The 10 million won ‘Achasang’ is a carrot for the players, as they have been training a lot.

The playoffs are also approaching their climax. The NC Dinos swept the second-placed KT Wiz in Games 1 and 2, leaving them just one win away from the Korean Series. With KT, who were expected to easily take on LG in the Korean Series with their strong starting line-up, on the ropes, LG’s head is spinning.

Who will win the Rolex and who will win the 10 million won prize money. We need to win four games to win the title. To do so, they need to prepare more thoroughly.

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