Nam Hyun-hee “I will confront Jeon Cheong-jo”…Police investigate collusion

Former national fencer Nam Hyun-hee (42) has demanded that the police investigate his remarried partner, Jeon Cheong-jo (27).
The police, who have applied for an arrest warrant for Jeon, are reportedly planning to expand their investigation to include suspicions of collusion by Nam.
According to the police, Nam’s defense lawyer said that on the morning of the 2nd, he submitted an additional request for an expedited interview with Jeon to the Songpa Police Station in Seoul, which is investigating the case.

As soon as a date is agreed upon, Mr. Nam’s lawyers will appear in person at the police station to be questioned by the accuser.
“We have asked (the police) to proceed with the investigation as soon as possible, but it seems that it is difficult to proceed immediately due to the large number of people involved in the investigation of the arrested Mr. Jeon,” Nam’s lawyer told Newsis, adding, “We will actively respond to any form of investigation, whether it is a polygraph examination or a face-to-face investigation, right now.”
Previously, Jeon revealed her plans to marry Nam in an interview with Women’s Chosun on March 23, but her fraud conviction, gender reassignment controversy, and suspicion of impersonating a third chaebol quickly spread. 카지노사이트가이드

Nam, who was in a romantic relationship with Jeon during the process, claims to have been unaware of her crimes, including fraud.

Ms. Jeon also claimed that Mr. Nam already knew that she was not the third chaebol through media interviews.

In response, Mr. Nam denied this outright, saying, “I only found out after the magazine (Women’s Chosun) reported the interview.”
On March 31, Nam filed a police complaint against Jeon for fraud, while also suing Kim Min-seok, a lawmaker from Seoul’s Gangseo district, for defamation by false and untimely statements.
Mr. Nam’s camp has been actively cooperating with the police investigation, including handing over a so-called “second phone” and a laptop that allegedly contained Mr. Jeon’s certificates to the police the previous day (Jan. 1).

The police are forensically examining the materials handed over by Mr. Nam.
Earlier in the day, police applied for an arrest warrant for Jeon on suspicion of fraud under the Special Economic Crimes Act.

The number of confirmed victims so far is 15, and the amount of damage is estimated to be more than 1.9 billion won.
The police plan to focus their investigation on identifying the specific facts of the crime as soon as they have secured Mr. Jeon’s custody.

In the process, they will also look into whether Mr. Nam had any prior collusion.
Earlier, an official from the National Criminal Investigation Agency’s National Bureau of Investigation said at a press conference, “We will check the entirety of the complaint because it contains relevant information.”

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