Henri’s anger at being humiliated by Huang Sunhong: “Why don’t you give me that cross!”

“Thierry Henry’s France U-21 team was humiliated by South Korea.
On the 21st, French media outlet Footmercato coldly criticized the defeat of the French U-21 team led by ‘legend’ Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

“The French team, which is preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics, lost 0-2 to Austria and then went down 0-3 in a friendly against the South Korean national team at Stade Ocean in Le Havre, France,” the report said.
“The team aimed to get back on track against South Korea after the loss to Austria, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned,” they wrote. ‘

The friendly was aimed at ending the A-match break on a high note, but we struggled to create any real chances or attacking opportunities throughout the first half, with Matthijs Tell firing the first shot on target in the 20th minute with a cross from the left side of the Korean penalty box, but it was not enough to trouble South Korean goalkeeper Shin Sung-hoon,’ they added.

“France’s technical errors were plentiful, with Leslie Ugochukwu’s header from a Magnes Akliuche free-kick hitting the crossbar in the 24th minute, Bradley Barkola’s right-footed curler in the 27th minute and Akliuche’s powerful shot in the 44th minute all going wide.

‘Apart from Hwang Jae-won’s brilliant cross in the 40th minute, Korea didn’t have much to show for their efforts and although the 7127 French fans in the Normandy cold had high hopes for the second half, things didn’t change much.

South Korea struggled to open the scoring, but to no avail.

‘We made a lot of mistakes with our final touches and passes, and we were inefficient,’ he said.
Yonhap News Agency
Under the subheading ‘There was a Le Havre, there was Sang-Bin’, they mentioned Sang-Bin’s performance.

‘In the 25th minute of the second half, a free kick from 25 meters from the goal and a brilliant shot by Sang-bin hit the top of the goal, and in the 24th minute of the second half, Sang-bin took advantage of a French defense mistake to score a multi-goaler, giving Korea a 2-0 lead.

France continued to push for an equalizer, but to no avail, and boos began to emanate from the stands at Oceania as Thierry Henry’s side headed for a second straight defeat. 호텔카지노

In a moment of chaos, South Korea scored an injury-time winner from Hong Yun-sang to secure a 3-0 victory.
Meanwhile, coach Thierry Henry was furious after the defeat.

“You can’t concede goals like that.

The second and third goals were ridiculous. We just let the crosses come in.

We didn’t have to commit a foul to give away a free kick.

The last goal speaks for itself,” he said. “

There’s something called realism in football.

If you create a lot of chances and don’t score, it gives the opponent a chance to counterattack,” he said. “

The free kick (by Jung Sang-bin) was beautiful, but the other two goals were avoidable,” he said, “We have to learn from these moments.

We were better than Austria in terms of fighting spirit, but the result is terrible.

I’m more worried than against Austria,” he said.

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