Sky Sports to use special cameras for K League 1 final round coverage

‘Hana OneQ K League 1 2023’ Final Round Broadcasts will be of higher quality.

The Korea Professional Football Association announced on the 20th that ‘Sky Sports, the main broadcaster of the 온라인카지노 K League, will use a variety of special filming equipment for the broadcast of major matches in the final round to realize various angles and vivid screens.

The special filming equipment Sky Sports is preparing includes drones, jimmyjibs, ronins, super slow motion, and compact cameras, and up to six will be used per game. Ronins are small, mobile cameras that provide close-up shots to add a sense of immediacy. The super slow-motion and compact cameras capture short moments at ultra-high speeds to create a slower-than-realistic video.

The target matches are Seoul-Gangwon (Oct. 22), Jeonbuk-Pohang (Oct. 28), Suwon FC-Seoul (Oct. 29), Daegu-Gwangju (Nov. 11), Ulsan-Pohang (Nov. 12), Seoul-Suwon (Nov. 25), Daejeon-Seoul (Dec. 2), and Ulsan-North Korea (Nov. 12).

The league plans to share the final round, which will be the grand finale of the 2023 season, with more fans through high-quality broadcasting. The federation and broadcasters will continue to work together to improve the quality of the broadcast.

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