“A feast of speed” will be held…Super Race Opens

“A feast of speed” will be held…Super Race Opens

The Super Race, the nation’s largest racing competition, will kick off this weekend.Prior to the opening, the stock car, which will run 300 kilometers per hour, and the Yongin Speedway Circuit, which opened for the first time in eight years, were unveiled.A stock car that appeared with a loud sound that almost tore the eardrum.He is the main character who will take the circuit in this season’s Super Race Top Class Super6000.It can reach 100km per hour in 4 seconds and the maximum speed is 300km per hour.<Kim Dong-eun / Team Korea Express> “The stock car is a different model from a regular mass-produced car and is specially designed for racing. The engine has a power output of 6,300 cc and 450 horsepower. It’s designed very safely.”Yongin Speedway, where the opening race will take place, is also drawing attention in a unique sense. Opened in 1995 as the first circuit in Korea and contains the history of Korean motorsports, it reopened after eight years of renovation.When I drove the circuit in a racing car, there was a difference in height and there were many corner sections, so it was full of excitement.

Racers, who are on a welcome circuit, are looking forward to the opening game.<Ryu Si-won / Team 106> “This is the track I debuted on, where I liked racing for the first time and competed in a competition. I believe that the reopening of Everland Speedway will improve the enthusiasm for motorsports…”A total of eight super races will be held on six circuits in three countries over the course of seven months.The competition, which will make speed enthusiasts’ hearts race, will kick off on the 23rd.


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