SPC chairman brought to prosecution questioning by force over anti-labor allegations

Hur Young-in, the chairman of bakery giant SPC Group, leaves the Seoul Central District Court, Feb. 2, after being acquitted on charges of ordering the dumping of affiliate shares to evade gift taxes. Joint Press Corps

Hur Young-in, the chairman of bakery giant SPC Group, was brought for prosecution questioning by force Tuesday over allegations that he forced bakers at an affiliated firm to quit their labor union. The action came as the chairman has disobeyed prosecution summons multiple times.The questioning is part of the ongoing investigation into allegations that PB Partners, an SPC affiliate, forced bakers at Paris Baguette, another SPC affiliate, to withdraw their membership in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), a militant labor umbrella union, between 2019 and 2022.Prosecutors also suspect SPC Group was involved in imposing disadvantages on employees affiliated with the KCTU.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office apprehended the 74-year-old chairman facing charges of violating trade union laws after a court issued a relevant warrant.Prosecutors attempted to summon the chairman for questioning three times last month, all of which he disobeyed.Hur eventually showed up for questioning on March 25, but prosecutors had to end the session in just an hour as he complained of chest pains.He did not present himself before prosecutors on Monday, either, citing health issues.In connection with the investigation, 메이저 prosecutors detained and indicted SPC Group CEO Hwang Jae-bok last month.

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