Samsung sends Oh Seung-hwan, Doosan sends Kim Hyun-soo… LG makes a courageous decision, sends Ko Woo-seok to build a ‘prestigious dynasty’

The LG Twins should be applauded for their decision.

It was a courageous decision.
In the past, the Samsung Lions sent Oh Seung-hwan and the Doosan Bears sent Kim Hyun-soo to Japan and the United States, respectively.

They were championship contenders and on the verge of building or establishing dynasties, and it made both sense and practical sense.

They won another championship without Oh and Kim.

And they filled the void.
Go signed a 2+1 year, $7.5 million max contract with the San Diego Padres.

Two years of $4 million guaranteed.

LG’s share of the posting fee is $900,000.

Initially, LG was not going to allow Goh to sign unless the contract was large.

If LG hadn’t agreed, Ko would not have been able to move to San Diego.
Go Woo-seok’s contract wasn’t cheap, nor was it a huge deal.

It was a bit of a gray area, but for the sake of the greater good, LG decided to send him to the major leagues.

This choice weakened the team’s power, but it also gave LG the reputation of being a big club that cares about the player’s future.
In the past, Samsung sent Oh Seung-hwan to the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball after the 2013 season.

At the time, Hanshin took him for two years and 900 million yen.

Seung-hwan Oh was not a free agent, so Samsung made him a voluntary resignation and allowed him to move to Hanshin.

Samsung was willing to let Oh go regardless of the transfer fee. 호텔카지노
At the time, Samsung was in the midst of a dynasty, having won three consecutive championships.

As a result, Samsung won its fourth consecutive championship without Oh Seung-hwan.

Although Lim Chang-yong (retired) made an exquisite comeback to fill the closing gap, it was not an easy decision to give up Oh Seung-hwan at that time, even if Samsung was a dynasty.

However, Samsung used it as an opportunity to discover new faces.
After winning the 2015 Korean Series, Doosan sent slugger Kim Hyun-soo to the Baltimore Orioles in Major League Baseball.

Of course, Kim was a free agent at the time, not posted, so there was no reason for Doosan to give him permission, but it’s clear that the company supported his dream.
After Kim Hyun-soo’s departure, Doosan discovered a signature hitter in Kim Jae-hwan.

When Kim Hyun-soo decided to return to Korea after two years, it was difficult for Doosan to accept him.

Eventually, Kim Hyun-soo moved to LG, and Kim Jae-hwan became Kim Jae-hwan, and Kim Hyun-soo became Kim Hyun-soo.
Samsung won the title in 2014 and Doosan won the title in 2016, filling the void of their signature stars well. LG could do the same in 2024.

Their bullpen depth is the strongest in the 10 teams, so it’s unlikely that their bullpen strength will diminish as they reorganize and adjust to individual positions.

It is likely that the team will be well-prepared, as Yoon Kyung-yeop’s style is to have 99% of the next season’s plans in place by the time of the closing camp.

Reports have already surfaced that Yoo Young-chan is the new closer.

If LG wins its second consecutive championship this year, it will join the ranks of Samsung and Doosan as a dynasty.

Like those two clubs, LG sent Go Woo-seok to the major leagues and earned the reputation of being a truly prestigious organization.

A team is prestigious if it has the ability to develop players for the future.

Just winning a few championships is not enough.

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