Full Set Victory Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Escapes 4th Straight Loss

 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance broke its four-game losing streak with a thrilling full-set victory.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated Woori Card with a set score of 3-2 (28-26, 20-25, 29-27, 16-25, 15- 11) Smiled after winning the full set.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance foreign player Yosbani exploded with 44 points, the most for both teams, including 6 serve aces, 3 blocking, and 15 back attacks. 지울프-토토

He exploded with 44 points, the most in a single game, for his 3rd triple crown of the season and 7th overall. Rookie setter Lee Jae-hyun also led the team to avoid their fourth straight loss with bold management in his first starting game since his debut.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which recently broke its four-game losing streak and now has 15 wins, 9 losses, and 40 points, moved up one notch to third place by pushing OK Financial Group (14 wins, 10 losses, 39 points) to fourth place. Woori Card, which suffered 5 consecutive losses, ended up with 15 wins and 9 losses, but added 1 point and maintained first place with 44 points.

After the game, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo said, “I would like to thank the players for not giving up and working hard until the end,” but also expressed regret, “The game is going to be difficult due to low scoring on the left side.”

However, with Noh Jae-wook missing due to injury, rookie Lee Jae-hyun led the team well in important games, which was a big win. Coach Kim Sang-woo said, “He did that well in his first game as a starter. He will get better as he gains experience in the future.” He added, “Noh Jae-wook is not in good physical condition. If he has no teeth, he has to use his gums, so I think Jae-hyun Lee’s role should be increased a little more. “He said.

There are also concerns about the injury status of middle blocker Kim Jun-woo, who was replaced after turning his left ankle while landing after successfully blocking in the middle of the 5th set. Director Kim announced, “I think I will have to go to the hospital tomorrow, but I have icing applied.” Since the injury does not seem to be minor, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance cannot be happy even if they win.

Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol, who unfortunately lost and suffered a 5-game losing streak, said, “The players are still a little lacking in volleyball skills and cognitive abilities. They don’t know what the opponent is doing, so they only watch the ball and chase it. If there are many serve and receive errors, it is not easy to win. “Players need to know how to play volleyball suited to the situation,” he said. “During the All-Star break, I think we should give players time to rest and then meet and prepare one by one.”

The two teams will face each other again in the first game of the 5th round, which will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 31st after the All-Star break.

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