‘Son limps off’ as Tottenham lose 2-1 at home to West Ham

Tottenham lost to West Ham. Son Heung-min played 88 minutes. He was substituted out with a suspected injury.
Tottenham lost the 15th round match of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) on Sunday afternoon (local time) against West Ham at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.

Tottenham started Son Heung-min up top with Brennan Johnson and Dejan Kluczewski on the left and right wings.

Giovanni Lo Celso started in the attacking midfield.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Yves Bissouma were the back two.

The back four was formed by Pedro Foro and Destiny Udogie, with Christian Romero and Ben Davies in the center.

Guglielmo Vicario was in goal.
West Ham started with Fabianski, Zouma, Choupoal, Ward-Prowse, Paqueta, Cudjoe, Alvarez, Bowen, Agger, and Sucheck. Palmieri started.
Udogi’s pass is met by Son Heung-min, who pokes the ball straight through.

Kluczewski gets a touch on the ball. The touch was long. Fabianski blocked it.
In the third minute, Tottenham attacked again.

Son Heung-min whipped in a pass.

Udogi caught it and shot, but a defender cleared it away.

On the ensuing attack, Foro crossed.

Son Heung-min attempted a header, but it went wide.
Tottenham continued to push forward.

They took the lead.

In the 11th minute, it was a corner kick.

Romero leapt to head it in.

The ball bounced in a parabolic arc and into the goal.

Tottenham took the lead.
Tottenham kept pushing. In the 16th minute, Son Heung-min tried a right-footed shot from the arc circle.

It was straight at the keeper.

In the 21st minute, Lo Celso attempted a left footed shot from the center of the box.

It went over the bar.
West Ham responded with a counterattack, but their shot was saved by the keeper.
In the 26th minute, Tottenham’s Foro hit a mid-range shot.

It was not on target.

Tottenham took the lead in the 35th minute when Lo Celso hit a volley from inside the box.

Fabianski made the save.

In the 37th minute, Lo Celso played a through ball. Johnson got on the end of it and shot.

It was rather weak.

In the 40th minute, Kluczewski’s shot was blocked by a defender.

The ball bounced out to Bissouma, who shot over the bar.
There were no more goals in the remaining time.

Tottenham went into the second half with the lead.
Son Heung-min picked up the ball with a good touch.

He stabbed a pass, but it hit a defender. Four minutes into the second half, Foro tried a mid-range shot.

It went over the bar.
In the seventh minute of the second half, West Ham equalized.

Cudjoe shot from the edge of the arc circle.

The ball bounced back after hitting Romero and Davies.

It came to Bowen.

Bowen took the shot and scored.

It was a goal full of luck.

With the score level, West Ham pushed forward. 호텔카지노

In the 11th minute of the second half, Paqueta cut in from the right and hit a shot.

It was caught by Vicario.

In the 17th minute, Sucheck hit a volley.

It was blocked by Vicario.

He was offside before this.

Tottenham increased their possession.

But they couldn’t break down West Ham’s tight defense.

They could only pass the ball around in tight situations.
Spurs made a substitution in the 22nd minute.

They took off Hojbjerg and brought on Heurelisbon.

They then brought on Lo Celso and brought on a skip.

In the 25th minute, Foro sent in a sharp cross.

Hicharisson attempted a header.

It went just wide of the goal.
27th minute, Tottenham turned the ball around and rattled the defense.

The ball came from the left through the center to Foro on the right.

Foro took the shot.

The keeper made the save.
Tottenham made a ridiculous mistake.

Udogie made a backpass. Bowen ran at him.

Vicario flicked it out with his hands in haste.

Ward-Prowse shot at it. It hit the post and came back out.

Ward-Prowse shot again. It rattled the net.
After conceding such a ridiculous goal, Tottenham continued to push forward.

But West Ham’s defense held firm.

In the 39th minute, Spurs added Hill and Sarr.

Then, in the 42nd minute, they brought on Son Heung-min and brought on Velez.

Son was hit in the left hip area during a scuffle with Choupal during the game.

In the aftermath, he had to be subbed off.
For the rest of the game, Tottenham didn’t have much to show for their efforts.

In the end, Spurs lost.

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