Hwang Hee-chan re-signs with Wolves until 2028→Big club transfer speculation…

It’s a bit of a bummer that Hwang Hee-chan signed a new contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers after being one of their best performers this season.

This is especially true as he was consistently linked with a move to a big club just before signing.
Wolverhampton announced the news of Hwang’s re-signing on the club’s official website on April 22, saying, “The club’s top scorer has committed his future to the club by signing a new long-term contract until 2028, with an option to extend for a further year.”
Wolverhampton chairman Matt Hobbs said: “It hasn’t always been plain sailing for Hwang since he arrived at the club, but he has always given his all.

The fans now really appreciate what he does on the pitch, the goals he scores and the fact that he is such an important part of Gary O’Neill’s team.

The work he does on and off the pitch deserves to be appreciated.”
On Hwang, O’Neill said, “His versatility has really helped O’Neill, who plays across the front line, and he, like Pedro Neto, has been helped by the faith O’Neill has shown in him.

Both have been able to play their best soccer since coming here.”
“Hwang is mentally and physically strong as a bull,” Hobbs said. “

The way he conducts himself on and off the field and his attitude towards soccer shows that he is a very strong person, but he is also very loved by the players.”
“His English is really good.

It’s definitely better than my Korean,” he said, adding, “He regained his confidence after a tough time at Leipzig, and the more confident he is, the more he creates on the pitch.”

He repeatedly praised Hwang for his efforts to fit in with the team.
“I’m really happy to be here and I want to say thank you to my teammates, staff, family and fans. I’m really happy to be in Wolverhampton.

I’m enjoying playing here, I’m enjoying life, I’m enjoying soccer, I’m enjoying everything.”

“I’m with a very good team and players, everything here is amazing.

I want to keep playing well and I’m ready to give everything,” he said of his new contract.
“The nine goals I have scored this season make me happy, but I want to thank my teammates, coaching staff and my family, because goals and assists are not something you can do alone.

I learned a lot from the coaching staff, so my goals are for the team.

I will try to do my best to help the team.”

“I am not happy with my new contract. Sometimes I talk to my teammates about our ambitions and we have the same ambitions.

I’m ready to take on more responsibility and fight for the team to win.”Speaking about his time at Wolverhampton, Hwang said, “I started off well and scored a lot of goals, but as the months went by, I had some tough times with injuries,” adding, “But it was my dream to play in the Premier League, so I tried to do my best every day and I’m really enjoying it.

I want to show the fans a lot of good things and I want to give them good energy.”
As for the future of the club, he added: “We have a good coaching staff and good players.

We want to win every game, and we want to show our fans a good game and bring them a lot of points.”
Hwang Hee-chan added: “I’m really excited.

I’m so excited.

I’m going to keep doing my best, I’m going to play for my team, I’m going to play for my fans, I’m going to play for my family.”

“I hope we can enjoy this time, I’m going to do my best every day and we’re going to keep going.”

The new contract makes Hwang the highest paid player in the club’s history. “

Wolverhampton and Hwang have agreed a new deal,” said Fabrizio Romano, a European soccer journalist.

The deal will put him on the same level as the club’s highest-paid players.”
Until now, Hwang was earning £30,000 (approximately $49.8 million) per week at Wolverhampton. Pablo Sarabia, one of the club’s highest-paid players, reportedly earns £90,000 (approximately $147,662) per week. By signing this new contract, Hwang will be earning a similar salary to Sarabia.
However, the decision to extend his contract for four and a half years, until June 2028, is a bit of a disappointment.

Born in 1996, Hwang will be 31 years old in 2028. 카지노사이트가이드

That’s practically a lifetime at Wolverhampton.

With his original contract running until June 2026, it would have been easy to wait and see how he performs in the future.
A steady stream of interest from big clubs could have given him an advantage in contract negotiations, and a move to a big club could have happened closer to free agency.

Even from a big club’s perspective, there’s a big difference between signing a mid-to-low-tier ace in his 30s as a free agent and bringing him in for a transfer fee.

In the unlikely event that his performances declined and he ended his stay with Wolverhampton, he would still have more options as a free agent.
In many ways, it was also the best time for him to make the move, rather than waiting until he was in his 30s.

He was in the prime of his career, coming off his best season since joining the Premier League, and was in a better position to challenge for a big club, but his contract extension through 2028 made a free agent move virtually impossible.
It’s also worth noting that around the time the news of his re-signing broke, there were reports of interest from big clubs such as Arsenal.”

Hwang Hee-chan is doing great in the Premier League.

Arsenal are interested in signing him.

Wolverhampton are pushing for a new contract to keep Hwang Hee-chan and fend off interest from Arsenal and others.”
Global sports media outlet The Athletic also said, “Hwang has become a key part of the team this season.

The club wants to reward his good form with a new contract,” and Wolverhampton are keen to keep him from Arsenal.
With Arsenal, the only unbeaten team in the Premier League, expressing interest in Hwang, it’s likely that other Premier League teams were also keeping tabs on his situation.
The salary is also disappointing. After signing his new contract, Hwang’s weekly wages will be around £4.68 million.

That’s a lot of money for a player who currently leads the team with eight league goals and is tied for sixth in Premier League scoring.

You have to take into account that Wolverhampton are not in a good financial position, but if they were, they should have pushed for a move.

It’s a shame that he was content with the status quo and signed a new contract.
Of course, given the fact that Hwang hasn’t had a great season so far for Wolverhampton due to frequent injuries, I’m actually grateful that the club reached out to him at this point.
Hwang hasn’t been able to make much of an impression at Wolverhampton due to frequent injuries.

He joined Wolverhampton on loan from Leipzig in Germany in the summer of 2021 with an option to buy.

He was a goalscoring machine shortly after his arrival and completed a £14 million transfer the following January.
But injuries slowed him down. Hwang’s frequent hamstring injuries, especially his explosive dribbling, took a toll on his game, and he struggled to compete for a starting spot last season, scoring just four goals and providing three assists in 32 appearances.
As a result, he was rumored to be on his way out last winter and was even labeled for sale in the summer transfer window.

In fact, Leeds United, Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma, and Germany’s Wolfsburg were reportedly interested in signing Hwang, while Wolverhampton’s deteriorating financial situation led to the departure of several players, including captain Nabil Neves to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal.

Hwang’s time with Wolverhampton could have ended last summer.
It”s possible that the player decided it wasn”t time for him to challenge for a big club.

As we’ve said before, Hwang has been a revelation this season after struggling to find his feet in the Premier League.

It would be reckless for him to leave for a big club right away when he’s just starting to settle in.

Hwang has struggled with injuries so far that he’s had to change his diet, so he should know his body better than anyone.

He must have weighed up the options and decided that it was in his best interest to re-sign with Wolverhampton rather than move to a big club.
It’s a shame because it was the last time he could have moved to a big club.

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