‘Blood-curdling’ relegation war… Gangwon-Suwon FC also part 1 ‘not guaranteed’

Gangwon FC and Suwon FC have avoided ‘direct relegation’ but are facing the final hurdle.
Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan’s Gangwon drew (0-0) in the final match of the professional soccer K League 1 season at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 2nd, leaving them in 11th place (34 points) and in a final relegation battle with K League 2 3rd place Gimpo FC.
The first and second rounds of the relegation playoffs will be played on June 6 and 9 in a home-and-home format, with the winner of both games qualifying for the top flight.

With two games in three days, the physical demands are high, and the depth of the player base could be the difference between victory and defeat. 먹튀검증

Gimpo, coached by Choi Jung-woon, finished third in the second division this season and are hoping for an upset in the promotion playoffs.

“We have a 5-to-5 chance of getting promoted,” he said.
Another battle is expected between Suwon FC (11th) and Busan I-Park, who will play the first and second legs of the promotion playoffs on June 6-9 at home and away.

Busan, which hired promotion specialist Park Jin-seop to lead the second division this season, will need to seize its last chance.

They will be eager to do so, as they lost a last-minute equalizer to Chungbuk Cheongju FC in the final match of the second division to Gimcheon Commerce.

“We will prepare well mentally,” emphasized Park Jin-seop.
Suwon FC, led by Kim Do-gyun, has been competing in the top division for three consecutive years and has attracted the attention of fans, with key players such as Lee Seung-woo, Lee Young-jae, and Yoon Beom-garam.

“We can only win if we fight tooth and nail,” Kim said, calling for his players’ commitment.

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