“Not a single seat?”…Elderly LG fan at ballpark ‘devastated’ by sold-out news

As digital marginalization of the elderly is becoming a social problem with the activation of kiosks and online ticketing, a grandfatherly baseball fan who was upset by the news of a sold-out game is causing sadness.
On the 8th, JTBC’s ‘Close-up Camera’ reported on the story of the elderly who are being marginalized because they are not familiar with online.
According to the report, Lee Eun-seop, an LG Twins fan, recently visited a baseball stadium and lined up in front of the ticket office, only to be told, “Sir, we’re sold out today.”

Lee couldn’t believe it.
In disbelief, Lee repeatedly asked, “Are there any seats available? Not in the outfield? Not at all?” only to be told that they were sold out.
The Korean Series games were pre-sold online, and the canceled tickets were available at the door, but there were no canceled tickets available.
Kim Sun-dong, an employee at the Korea Baseball Organization’s Korean Series ticket office, said, “(Canceled tickets) are released online again. 카지노사이트가이드

We’re selling what we couldn’t sell online. Today’s game is basically impossible to buy at the venue.”
Mr. Lee looked around in disappointment, unable to walk away from the ballpark.
The situation was similar for other elderly fans. Choi Ji-nam, an LG Twins fan, lamented, “It’s impossible for people like me who are over 70 years old to buy tickets because everything is 100% reserved online. I’ve been a fan since MBC Cheongryongseo, but I can’t get in.”
LG Twins fans Jang Sun-mi and Jeong Dae-dae, who managed to get tickets thanks to their daughter’s help, said, “I succeeded (in getting tickets) thanks to my daughter.

In the mobile era, I can’t come to the ballpark anymore.”
Some are calling for more on-site sales.

LG Twins fan Kim Dong-tae said, “If they increase the on-site sales by 10%, I will wait at the ticket office from midnight the day before to buy tickets.

That’s how I feel, so that even old people like us can get tickets,” he said.
“My parents, this could be my future,” “Please let us all enjoy baseball together,” “They should reserve 10% for the elderly,” “It’s too bad that the people who have loved baseball so that the current baseball culture can exist are being marginalized,” etc.

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