KS MVP Oh Ji-hwan “Please remember this member”…cheers 15 years after debut

A high school baseball player who pitied the “last-place” LG Twins 15 years ago became the league’s best shortstop in 2023, breaking a 29-year bond with the glossy jumper.

In his first Korean Series as an Elgee One Club member, “Captain” Oh Ji-hwan led his team to the top of the standings and was named Most Valuable Player (MVP).
The team won Game 5 of the best-of-five KBO Korean Series against the KT Wiz 6-2 at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday to clinch the title with a 4-1 series victory.

Oh paved the way for his team’s victory, going 6-for-19 with three home runs, eight RBIs, and six runs scored in Game 5 of the series.

When the game was clinched, he ran to the mound with his eyes to the sky and embraced his teammates, basking in the joy of his first championship. 카지노사이트가이드

After the game, Oh spoke to the media about his three home runs and said, “Katie’s bullpen and all of our starting pitchers have been strong on fastballs.

I didn’t want to give up any fastballs
, so I was aggressive with the timing of my fastballs, and it worked out well.”
He also had the honor of being the final recipient of a Rolex watch, which is reserved for the Most Valuable Player.

The Rolex, which has been sitting in the Elgie office since 1998, was a gift from the late Elgie Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo for the series’ most valuable player.

“Any player would want it, but I just want it for me.
Even if you give it to me on my own authority, I want to give it to me,” he said at the media day, hinting at his desire to donate the Rolex watch in front of him.

“I feel that the watch is like a relic of the late Chairman Koo Bon-moo, so I want to make sure that the ELG Twins and their fans can see it, and I want to receive a good watch that fits the current era,” he said.
Oh’s tearful quest for the Korean Series didn’t come to fruition until 2023, 15 years after he turned pro.

Elgee reached the playoffs in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2022, but were repeatedly thwarted by their opponents.

Oh’s numbers were poor, going 2-for-22 in the two series.
But not in his much-coveted first Korean Series. Elsie sunk Katie Mound with a series of cool home runs, and Oh was right in the middle of it all, becoming the first player in the Korean Series to hit a home run in three consecutive games.

He hit a solo home run in the bottom of the sixth inning of Game 2 when his team was down 1-4, and a dramatic three-run shot in the top of the ninth inning of Game 3 when they were down 5-7.

In Game 4, with a 6-1 lead in the top of the seventh inning, Katie hit a three-run home run to seal the win.
Oh’s unwavering enthusiasm, which he urged his players to “never give up until the end of the game” before the series began, was the driving force behind their ELEG win.

“During the season, we made a lot of difficult attempts and the players showed a lot of initiative.

In the Korean Series, the seniors carry a lot of pressure as the main players, but this time, the younger players did a good job, so we were able to play with less pressure,” he said, giving the credit for the victory to the younger players.
He also thanked the home fans who waited for the victory by wearing glossy jumpers every fall.

“The fans have been waiting for us to win for a long time, so I’m really happy and emotional.

I hope they will remember the 30 players who started the Korean Series.”

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