Its Korean Series opens today Spear LG vs Shield

The Korean professional baseball series begins today.

LG, which is aiming for the throne for the first time in 29 years, and KT, which has gained momentum with three consecutive wins from the brink, had a battle of wits ahead of the final match yesterday.

Managers and players of both teams standing in front of the long-awaited Korean Series championship trophy.

When LG, the regular league champion, declared strategic baseball, KT did not back down. 토토사이트

[Lim Chan-gyu/LG]
“Because we have a manager who can come up with brilliant strategies… Because the opposing team has good starting pitchers, the manager gives us a lot of stolen bases and a lot of strategies…”

“You’ve seen the playoffs, but Jang Seong-woo’s ability to stop stealing bases will be significantly different in the pennant race (regular league) and the postseason. We have faith in Jang Seong-woo.”

The LG players, who had not won a championship since 1994, strengthened their motivation by mentioning the luxury watch that the club had been preparing since 1998 to give to the Korean Series MVP.

[Im Chan-gyu/LG]
“Actually, I wanted it, but Ji-hwan said he wanted it, so I decided that if I get it, Ji-hwan will give it to him…”

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG]
“I’ll keep mine, and I’ll buy Chan-gyu one.”

The fact that KT’s main players, including Park Kyung-soo and Park Byeong-ho, are from LG also became a hot topic…

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG]
“It’s nice to be able to play (the Korean series) with Kyung-soo next to me.”

[Park Kyung-soo/kt]
“I “You got your championship ring first, two years ago. I hope you enjoy it without any injuries on the best stage.”

The two head coaches, who also served as coaches and head coaches among high school seniors and juniors, also created a warm atmosphere.

[Yeom Kyeong-yeop/LG Director]
“Privately, he’s ‘Kang Cheol’s brother’… but the tricky part is that he knows me so well?”

[Lee Kang-cheol/KT Director]
“The reason I came here is because the four years have brought me tremendous results. Lastly, I hope you eat well.”

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