Former fencer Nam Hyun-hee faces allegations of new love interest

Remarried partner who visited Nam’s mother’s home arrested on stalking charges appears to be taking steps to end relationship
10 known victims of gender and identity impersonation scams in the past

Nam Hyun-hee

Nam Hyun-hee (42), a female fencing signboard, seems to be going through the

motions of separation as controversy spreads around Jeon Cheong-jo (27), whom she

disclosed as her remarriage partner, regarding fraudulent criminal history, gender, and identity.

The Seongnam Jungwon Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced on the 26th

that it is investigating Mr. Jeon, a woman in her 20s, for violating the Stalking Punishment Act.

Ms. Jeon is accused of visiting Nam Hyun-hee’s mother’s house at 1:09 a.m. that day,

knocking on the door several times and ringing the doorbell. According to police, it is

understood that Ms. Jeon went to the family home after receiving a breakup notice from Nam Hyun-hee.

In an interview published in the monthly magazine Women’s Chosun on March 23,

Nam Hyun-hee said that Jeon was her “boyfriend” whom she had been dating and that

they were planning to get married.

Mr. Jeon

Who also participated in the interview, was introduced as a third-generation chaebol,

an equestrian who retired due to an injury, and a young entrepreneur who is currently

working in the arts and telecommunications business.

However, suspicions of false gender, fraud, and impersonation of the chaebol’s third son later arose.

In fact, the police reportedly identified the gender of Mr. Jeon, who was described as a

“boyfriend” in the initial investigation, as female.

It was also confirmed that she had committed fraud in the past by pretending to be a

man and pretending to be the out-of-wedlock daughter of a corporate chairman.

According to the Incheon District Court, Jeon was charged with defrauding 10 victims

of more than $290 million between April 2018 and January 2020.

In May and October 2020, he was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison,

respectively, and in December of the same year, an appeals court heard the cases

together and overturned the original verdicts, sentencing him to two years and three months.

Despite Mr. Jeon’s history as an equestrian athlete, winning numerous competitions,

testimony showed that he was never registered as an athlete with the Korean Sports

Federation and was not known in the equestrian community.

Choi’s daughter, Choi Seo-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil), and Asian Games equestrian

gold medalist Jung Yoo-ra, said on social media, “He was the same age as me, but

none of the other elite athletes knew him.”

In 2013, a female student with the same name and similar appearance as Jeon was

interviewed on a Korean vocational broadcasting program as a member of the Korea

Horse Racing and Livestock High School, which resurfaced a decade later.

The controversy heated up further as the parties failed to provide a transparent explanation. 카지노사이트존

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