Surprise Transformation into a Judge Spear Lim Chae-min

SPEAR’s Lim Chae-min made a surprise appearance as a referee.

The collegiate division of the ‘2023 Land’s End National Youth Basketball Tournament with Bonefish’ has been held at the Woosul Gymnasium in Haenam, Jeollanam-do since the 3rd of this month.

On the fourth day, the second day of the tournament, the finals were held, and around noon, an event game between 카지노사이트 Chomok Hogwang and Chosun University was held. The reason for the event game was that Chonbuk National University’s Dolphins withdrew from the tournament due to a player injury.

In order to give the players a chance to play as many matches as possible, an event game was organized in the middle of the tournament, and the Chosun University spear team was the sparring partner.

The match produced an interesting sight. Spear team captain Lim Chae-min made a surprise appearance as a referee. He played basketball until his freshman year at Gwangju High School, then went to Chosun University, and now plays basketball as a hobby.

She participated in the tournament to let go of the pressure of grades and enjoy basketball, and made a surprise appearance as a referee in the event game.

“There was a game at the event, and it felt like an all-star game because it was a festival. The game was being played with one referee, so I talked to him and volunteered to referee,” he said, explaining the reason for his surprise transformation.

“I have a third-level referee license, and I’ve seen referees in Gwangju before. I’ve also seen pictures of me refereeing on social media and been told that I look good. However, I have never dreamed of becoming a professional referee,” he added.

“I think it’s hard when players talk to the referee when the score is low in a formal match. When you’re a player, there’s a lot of pressure to score in that situation,” he said, noting the difference between referees and players.

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