Hanyusum’s fatal error – 22 at-bats without a hit in the fifth through ninth spots.

Their chances of reclaiming first place are virtually gone. SSG Landers’ fall has no wings, as they’ve fallen into a losing streak with their worst performance yet.

SSG lost 4-8 in 12 extra innings against the LG Twins in Incheon on April 18. It was a shocking loss. After being swept in a three-game series against the Lotte Giants in Busan in midweek, SSG came out firing on all cylinders against top-ranked LG.

Things started off well. Starter Kirk McCarty kept the LG bats at bay with six scoreless innings, and the bats struggled against Choi Won-tae, but Choi Ju-hwan hit a crucial leadoff three-run homer to set the tone.

Holding a 4-0 lead, SSG started to falter in the seventh inning. After McCarty was removed, the bullpen collapsed. Back-to-back walks and a single led to two runs. The game was still within reach, but that was only part of the problem. As the bullpen continued to falter, a critical fielding error by right fielder Han Yoo-seom put runners on first and second with two outs.

Austin hit a line drive to right field against Noh that slipped between first and second base. The hit itself was hard to stop, but Han’s glove, which was trying to catch it, went right over the top of the ball and fell backwards. What could have been a single turned into a double with two runners on and Austin at third base. SSG had blown a 4-4 tie.

After that, SSG blew multiple chances. The team managed just four hits in 12 innings, with the 5-9 batters going a combined 0-for-22 without a single hit. LG, on the other hand, pounded out 15 hits.

They rallied late to extend the game, but couldn’t capitalize on their chances, and even Choi Min-jun, who pitched 2⅔ innings, couldn’t prevent the loss as he was hit by back-to-back home runs in the 12th.

SSG’s performance in the first half and the second half are completely different. The starting lineup is not stable, and the bullpen often collapses. Worst of all is the batting and defense. Critical defensive errors are common, and the offense hasn’t been able to capitalize on its chances.

At this rate, it’s unlikely that SSG will ever regain the top spot. Instead, they should be worried about falling to the bottom three. 토토사이트

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