Anti-Doping Agency questions Sotnikova’s comments “It hasn’t happened in 10 years”

“Sample A – Sample B results are very rarely different”
“Depending on the results of the reinvestigation, disciplinary procedures may be implemented”

Russian figure skater Sotnikova has been embroiled in a controversy over her use of banned substances, and the Korea Anti-Doping Agency (KADA) has questioned the content of her comments.

The KADA addressed Sotnikova’s recent comments in its “Reference on Russian Figure Skater Sotnikova Doping Issue” on Wednesday. On June 6, Sotnikova appeared on a YouTube channel run by popular Russian influencer Lilia Abramova and revealed that she had tested positive for a banned substance at the Sochi Olympics.

“My first doping sample tested positive for a banned substance,” Sotnikova said while discussing her doping experience at the Sochi Winter Olympics, “so I had to be retested, and the second sample came back negative, which allowed me to finish the Games without discipline.”

The anti-doping organization questioned the statement that the same sample yielded different results.

“If a single sample is taken from an athlete in two bottles, A and B, and the re-analysis of the B sample does not confirm the same positive result as the A sample, the anti-doping rule is considered negative and the case is closed without charge, but this is unusual,” the Doping Control Unit noted.

He went on to explain that it is rare for Sample A and Sample B to be analyzed differently. “It is very unusual for the results of the B sample to differ from the results of the A sample,” the Commission said, adding that “in the case of KADA, there have been no cases in the last 10 years where the A-B sample results differed.”

When analyzing, the athlete collects the urine in a collection container and divides it into A and B bottles. The A sample is analyzed first, and if there is an anomaly, such as a positive test, the B sample is further analyzed.

To date, hundreds of Russian athletes are being re-examined for the use of prohibited substances, the WADA said. “Following the Russian doping scandal, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) gained access to data from the Moscow laboratory and is conducting an ongoing investigation,” the commission said.

Sanctions have already been imposed on 203 of the 458 Russian athletes. 73 have been indicted. Re-investigations of 182 are ongoing.

Sotnikova was investigated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2017 after evidence of tampering with sample bottles was found in 2016, but the investigation was ruled insufficient. It is unclear if Sotnikova is among the 458 athletes currently under investigation.

“If an athlete is included in a reinvestigation, 토토사이트 WADA may later initiate disciplinary proceedings against the athlete based on the results of the investigation,” the anti-doping organization explained.

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